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Team 7: Oliver, David, Matthew and Anthony from Leicester / Melton Mowbray

Treguard: "We can begin a quest, but the big question is - can we finish one?"

The final quest of Series 8 for the Sword was abandoned after 13 minutes.

Level 1

No messing about. The team begins in the Level 1 clue room.

The scroll reads: "The book is for browsing. The stick is for dowsing." The clues are: a book of spells, a key, a divining stick and a bar of gold.

Spyglass: Lord Fear is eulogising the Corridor of Blades.

Lord Fear: "Look at it! Lopped off more heads and limbs than Vlad the Impaler and still going strong."

Amid rumours that the Corridor of Blades was used as a short cut from Level 1 to Level 3, Lord Fear speeds up the blades.

Lissard: "No dungeoneer born could survive it."

Oliver drops the spyglass as the screen begins to glow red.

  • Majida: "That's it! Even if Oliver finds the short cut, all he’ll get is the short CUT."
  • Treguard: "It doesn’t look good, I must say. What we need is magic, but magic isn't in much supply in Level 1."

As a Miretrog approaches, the team decide to take the stick and the key.

Treguard reminds them to consider the scroll. Eventually Matthew instructs Oliver to swap the key for the book.

The team encounter Sidriss in one of her customary disasters. Motley is floating around in mid-air! She says she needs her magic book to get him down.

Oliver hands it over and she brings Motley back to earth. He storms off in a huff!

The team ask Sidriss if she has a spell that could slow down the blades in the Corridor of Blades.

She says she's not experienced enough, but 'father' (Hordriss) or Smirkenorff would be able to help. As Smirkenorff is nearby, she gives them a spell of dragon-charming called CREEP.

In the next chamber, Smirkenorff was asleep. Oliver, who has been listening intently, insists that they cast the spell first before waking him.

The dragon offers a small charm called BURST - the only speed magic he has.

Smirkenorff: "It doesn't last very long but if you're taking the short cut it won't have to. The entrance is hidden in the trapdoor room."

The trapdoor room. They use the divining stick which reveals a hidden door in the back wall. The Miretrog enters and impedes the advisors’ view. The team do well to guide Oliver through the door.

Into the Corridor of Blades. (The BURST spell must be self-activating, as nobody is shown to cast it.)

Very clean guidance from Anthony gets them through safely.

There is a fun clip of Oliver running through the walls of the Corridor of Blades, as witnessed by Paul Boland.

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