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Team 6: Dunstan, Alan, Oliver and Alex from St Albans

The sixth quest of Series 8 was for the Crown and lasted 35 minutes.

Level 1

Dunstan begins in the snapdragon tunnels. Majida advises him to walk down the centre to avoid the snapdragon attacks.

The Level 1 clue room. The scroll reads: "The key to Level 2. Her blade is missing." The clues are: a green blade, a red key, and a jester's folderol.

Spyglass: Lissard has trapped Hordriss the Confuser inside a force-field. Lord Fear dispatches him to the Quest Room.

Lord Fear says the season is almost over and that there is barely time to complete a quest.

However, Lissard convinces him that a shortcut must exist because Stiletta has been using it to steal from them. Fear orders Raptor to silence her.

Back in the antechamber, the Powers that Be consider this revelation.

Treguard: "Legend has it that the shortcut is the second entrance to the Corridor of Blades. Apparently, it's in Level 1. If you survive it, it cuts out Level 2 altogether."

Next into the pit where Smirkenorff has taken residence. Motley is struggling to entertain him.

Smirkenorff: "Oh, do shut up! You told me that one two hours ago. It wasn't funny then. It isn't funny now."

Treguard hints that they should tell a joke.

  • Dunstan: "Why did the dragon cross the road?"
  • Motley: "I don't know"
  • Dunstan: "To get his pension"
  • Motley: "But I don't get it"
  • Dunstan: "Neither did the dragon, he wasn't 65!"

Smirkenorff bellows with laughter. Motley wants to use it in his act.

Dunstan asks him where they can find Stiletta. Motley takes Dunstan into the next chamber to find her.

Stiletta is invisible, and does not want to talk unless they send Motley away.

Dunstan tells her that Raptor is coming to kill her. She still won't appear unless they have something for her, so they offer the green blade.

She sheds her cloak of invisibility and reclaims her 'Number Four'.

In return, they ask her about the short cut. She is a little reluctant at first because Dunstan is blindfolded. She says he would only have a 20% chance of survival.

The entrance to the short cut is in Fireball Alley, she says. She charges the Reach wand with a Reveal Hidden spell.

She also gives one final tip on how to survive - a warrior-thief trick:

Stiletta: "Throw your whole body from wall to wall. It's the only way to dodge the blades."

In Fireball Alley, Dunstan uses the wand to reveal a door between the fireball ducts.

There is some panic as he wanders into the path of a duct. But the advisors correct him in time and they make for the door.

As we expected - the Corridor of Blades! They follow Stiletta's instructions to avoid the blades.

One near-miss later, they survive!

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