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Team 5: Rebecca, Julie, Natalie and Emma from Dorchester / Weymouth

Treguard: "We'll just have to fight fire with fire. First, we need a fresh team."

The fifth quest of Series 8 was for the Shield and lasted 23 minutes.

Level 1

Rebecca imports into an empty sewer pipe. Treguard hints that they might have found a short cut.

The Level 1 clue room. The clues are: a red gem, a pendant, a bar of gold and a horn.

Majida: "This red gem is a firestone! But, we don't have dragon?"

Treguard: "Smirkenorff, our great crested green dragon who's helped so many quests, has simply disappeared… We need him back!"

The scroll reads: "Music to wake him, fire to feed him." Rebecca takes the horn and the firestone.

Spyglass: Lord Fear tells Sylvester Hands to impersonate Brother Strange and provide the wrong rune lock combination. Fear realises that Hands will be useless, so decides to do it himself.

Now the snap-dragon tunnel. Brother Strange approaches.

Brother Strange: "Greetings, young traveller, I note from your dress that you follow the quest."

They are suspicious and ask him to prove his identity. He points at his robes, clearly not willing to debate the matter. He then asks for a proverb.

Rebecca: "A bird in the hand is better than two in the bush."

It works. He provides "the order of opening" for the rune lock combination.

The next chamber is a giant pit! Something is sleeping, so Rebecca blows the horn. Smirkenorff emerges for his first appearance this series.

They offer the firestone in return for a SPEED spell.

Smirkenorff: "...which I don't need because I'm quite fast enough, thank you very much."

Next was Fireball Alley, where the fireballs are coming at a very fast rate. They use the SPEED spell to slow it down.

The team get panicky and stop in the middle, which allows goblins to catch up.

Rebecca meets another Brother Strange. They use the same proverb as before. He gives Rebecca "the combination to the rune puzzle" and a FLOAT spell.

The next room is rune-locked. Majida asks the team how they intend to tell one from the other.

The advisors explain that they suspected the fake Brother Strange would offer them something extra, so they opt for the "order of opening" provided by the first.

However, the goblins catch up with them. The team panics hysterically, sending Rebecca running in the wrong direction!

They spell-cast FLOAT in the trapdoor room. Rebecca uses the Reach wand to open the trapdoor as two Skeletrons appear.

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