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Team 4: Michael, Ben, Haydn and Ben from Bristol

The fourth quest of Series 8 was for the Sword and lasted 27 minutes.

Level 1

Brother Strange appears in the snap-dragon tunnels. He asks for a proverb.

The team eventually succeeds with 'The road to hell is paved with good intentions'.

Brother Strange: "That will go on the last page of my book - page 8,493!"

They earn a spyglass in return.

Spyglass: Lord Fear asks Lissard to change the rune lock combinations as dungeoneers keep slipping through. Lissard describes a combination he has in mind.

The Level 1 clue room. The scroll reads: "Keep your eye on the clock". They take an egg-timer and a bar of gold, leaving behind a gauntlet.

A giant Skeletron appears downstage, so they make haste.

Into Fireball Alley. Michael is chased by goblins, but is too quick for them.

The team encounter Stiletta, who fends off the goblins. She tells Michael that he will need to find a charm-seller - Honesty Bartram, Rothberry the Apothecary, or one of the wizards.

Next is the trapdoor room to Level 2, where they find Rothberry looking very upset about something.

Rothberry: "I took a little pick-me-up, and got it a bit wrong. It was a put-me-down."

He cheers up immediately when he sees the gold, and trades them a FLOAT spell.

Rothberry says to open the trapdoor will need two people. He takes a flying potion, leaving the team enough time to cast FLOAT.

He jumps on the trapdoor to open it, and hovers comically as Michael descends to Level 2.

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