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Team 3: Nathan, Karen, Steven and Catherine from Southampton

The third quest of Series 8 was for the Cup and lasted 41 minutes.

Level 1

The team avoid early snapdragon attacks but Stiletta lies in wait at the end of the corridor. She warns Nathan about Honesty Bartram.

Stiletta: "He'll flog you anything - usually for gold or silver. Make sure you get a guarantee."

Into the Level 1 clue room. The scroll reads: "Look out for fire-balls. Reach for RUNES".

The clues are: gold, a crossbow and a bottle labelled 'Invisibility'.

Spyglass: Lord Fear bribes Honesty Bartram to sell Nathan the wrong charm. He mocks Bartram's indecision.

Lord Fear: "I am a vastly misunderstood person. I offer a simple and fair trade, and immediately the whole world takes me for a conniving, evil megalomaniac. It's so unjust, it's so unfair…"

Nathan takes the gold and the Invisibility potion.

Next, Fireball Alley, which they tackle easily.

The exit from the next chamber is rune-locked. Before they can do anything, Honesty Bartram trundles in with his wares.

The team don't waste any time. Nathan asks for the 'Risky' potion, which Lord Fear had explicitly told the tradesman not to sell.

Bartram offers a 'Trapdoor' charm instead, but Nathan waves the gold at him and his resistance gives way.

The team work out that Nathan should use the Reach wand to unlock the runes. Without a combination, they attempt numerical order, which is successful.

Next, the trapdoor room at the end of Level 1, which is patrolled by a Skeletron. They use the Invisibility potion to help Nathan cross its path without being seen.

Without any other options, they use the Risky potion which opens the trapdoor to Level 2.

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