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Team 2: Daniel, Benjamin, Gideon and Justin from London

The second quest of Series 8 was for the Sword and lasted 49 minutes.

Level 1

Daniel is targeted by snap-dragons in the tunnel. Gideon orders him to "Run! Run! Run!"

The Level 1 clue room. The scroll refers to a 'self-operating danger horn'. The clues are: a bar of gold, a horn, a necklace (or pendant) and a crossbow.

Spyglass: Lord Fear and Lissard are playing Dungeon Monopoly.

  • Lissard: "I can’t pay, Lordness… It's not fair."
  • Lord Fear: "If you wanted fair, you joined the queue for the wrong life!"

Sylvester Hands appears on the viewing screen. Lord Fear orders him to go and retrieve an item from Stiletta.

Daniel drops the spyglass in time. They take the horn and the necklace.

Next is a fireball hazard (a variant of which also appears in Level 3). The ACME horn sounds, which they initially mistake for a goblin horn. Treguard explains that it means danger.

Fireballs begin to drop from the ceiling, striking out tiles from the floor. The team proceed cautiously.

Next, they encounter Stiletta in the middle of target practice. She advises them to move aside.

Undeterred, they approach and warn her that Sylvester Hands is looking for her. They demand information, but Stiletta wants more, so they trade in the pendant.

In return, she offers a ring which destroys Skeletrons.

Stiletta: "It’s jolly good fun. Bit of them fly everywhere!"

She spots Sylvester Hands loitering downstage and fires at him!

A Skeletron is guarding the trapdoor to Level 2, so they use the ring to destroy it.

Daniel proceeds onto the trapdoor, but nothing happens.

Brother Strange skulks in, describing them as "lunatics". He says that to open the trapdoor requires magic.

They offer the horn, but he wants a proverb for his collection. Daniel succeeds with "many hands make light work".

Brother Strange uses his staff to open the trapdoor and gifts them a FLOAT spell. We see the book of spells appear for the first time, before Daniel descends to Level 2.

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