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Team 1: Richard, Angela, Rebecca and Rowena from Bracknell.

The first quest of Series 8 was for the Crown and lasted 14 minutes.


Treguard: "The gate opens, the visor closes!"

He closes the gate using the chain as Richard scampers through the staging.

Treguard: "Look to the pool, girls. GAME ON!"

Level 1

The quest begins in a long narrow cave. (It’s the first time since Series 5 that a quest has begun with eye shield footage.)

As Richard appears in view, snap-dragons try to attack from the walls.

Brother Strange appears: "I beg no proverbs from you in this dire place…" He asks Richard for news. The team warn him about the snap dragons, and earn a spyglass.

The spyglass reveals Lord Fear's new high-tech environment.

Lord Fear: “Yes, quite a neat little pad. I mean, not over-pretentious but entirely in keeping with one’s circumstances…”

Just as Fear describes his new spy-detecting counter-measure, it launches a fireball towards the viewer. Richard drops the glass just in time.

The Level 1 clue room. The scroll says: "Green for a girl, black for a boy."

The clues are: a bar of gold; a green knife; a key; and a bottle of pigeon droppings. They deliberate a while, before eventually choosing the key and the bottle.

Treguard: "It can't be… Get Richard out of there quickly!"

A red dragon's head bursts into shot just as Richard exits the room. (He remembers the discussion.)

The first table had amongst other things a green dagger. We spent about half an hour arguing about it - Rebecca and Rowena were at it hammer and tongs (all cut from the final edit) about taking the knife...

Into Fireball Alley, where the team successfully direct Richard through a sequence of fireballs firing from left to right.

They enter a stone room with a statue and a chest. Treguard says it is a tribute to Motley, who hadn't been seen since Series 6.

Treguard: "He used to call himself the world greatest entertainer. That was before the opposition nabbed him."

As Richard investigates the chest, a warrior appears and draws a knife.

Stiletta: "Out of there, cavern scum!"

Richard assures her that he is not stealing. The woman introduces herself as Stiletta, a warrior thief. She explains she has lost one of her knives - her number four.

The team offer to tell her where it is in exchange for information. She declines, and heads off for target practice.

Stiletta: "You haven't actually taken anything from me, I don't think. But you haven’t returned anything to me either. So the code says: I don’t owe you anything!"

They decide to follow the clue and use the pigeon droppings on Motley, which releases him from the enchantment.

Motley learns that he has been frozen for a long time and that Lord Fear is now equipped with fireballs and snapdragons. He agrees to help Richard to Level 2.

They enter the trapdoor room, but a combination puzzle covers the exit. Motley is helpless.

Motley: "I tell you - it's that Stiletta women you need. She's very good at these sorts of things."


The red dragon approaches again, causing Motley to flee the scene.

Bhal-Shebah: "Oh good. A tasty helping of dinner. Now the only question for us is: cooked or raw?"

It engulfs Richard in a fireball. 

Treguard: "Oooh, nasty"

Majida: "It's not fair, Treguard. Without this Stiletta, there is no way out of Level 1?"

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