Category: Series 8

Team 7: Oliver, David, Matthew and Anthony from Leicester were the last team in progress.

As they entered Marblehead, collected food and were about to face a Skeletron guard, 'The Great Bells of Marblehead' began to ring.

Majida: "What is that? What is that terrible noise?"

Treguard: "It's the great bells of Marblehead, and that can only mean one thing. The path is closing, the quest season is over."

Majida: "We can't leave him there?"

Treguard: "We won't! In the circumstances, there's only one thing we can do."


Smirkenorff: "You called, Dungeon Master?"

Treguard: "I did indeed. I have only one thing to say to you: a Dungeoneer, Level 3, FETCH!"

Smirkenorff is seen taking off on this first and only flight this series.

Treguard: "Keep your eyes on the rescue mission boys, while Majida and I get ready to close the dungeon."

Majida: "So it ends for them yes."

Treguard: "For them, yes. For us, no."

Majida: "So you never give up, ever."

Treguard: "Well, I will if he will, shall we find out?"

Treguard: "Lord Fear? Lord Fear, are you ready to surrender?"

Lord Fear: "What? Me? Surrender?"

Lord Fear: You must be absolutely out of your tiny...




The end credits roll for the last time...


Voice: "If you'd like to take part in a future edition of Knightmare please send an S.A.E. to..."

This address card appears to have been shown in case another series of Knightmare materialised. In the end it didn't happen, although at the time of this episode (November 1994) it was uncertain.