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Level 3 of Series 8 was entirely computer generated and used a combination of complex lighting and textures.



In this series, Level 3 was made up of three parts: Linghorm (sometimes referred to as Linghorm Castle or Tower), sought by Maldame; the Golden Galleon; and Marblehead, Lord Fear's Tower, where the final winning quest objects were kept.


Entrance / Junction

The entrance here was usually guarded by Skeletrons or Miremen.

Treguard: "Linghorm lies to the west of the great underground sea called the Mire. Lord Fear once owned it, but since then the sorceress Maldame has taken up residence."

The Corridors

Seeing through the Eyeshield further into the palace.


Clue Room

Fireballs would often fly across, and it was patrolled.


Linghorm Exit

Post, guarded by a sentry (left), and by Maldame (right).



The Golden Galleon

Like the Cloudwalker from Series 6, the Golden Galleon was a vessel within Level 3. Unlike the Cloudwalker, which could not find land, the Galleon travelled directly between the two towers. It has no crew, but is manned by Miremen.

The Approach


Treguard: "They're slow on land but deadly if they catch you."

Upper Decks

The top inner and outer decks. Winning Team 6 find a trapdoor here (right).


Lower Decks

Below the deck of the ship, often with clues or a spyglass to be found on barrels.




The Great Fortress of Marblehead. Lord Fear claimed that nobody would make it out of there alive.

Marblehead Approach

Outside the palace. A place to meet people like Honesty Bartram or Maldame.


Marblehead Entrance

The entrance to the Great Fortress.


Tower of Marblehead

View of Marblehead's inner corridors from the eyeshield and series opening.


Corridor of Blades

The classic returns with an ominous new entrance for its fifth year!


Fireball Chamber

A difficult puzzle, which appeared in Level 1, but claimed a victim in Level 3.



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