Category: Series 8

Level 2 of Series 8 was entirely computer generated and many of the rooms were reused from Level 3 of Series 7. The explanation given was that Lord Fear was cheating by moving Level 3 to Level 2 to make the dungeon progressively harder.


Looks familiar? Yes, Level 3 of Series 7 now becomes Level 2, with the principle that the dungeon was now tougher than ever before. Most of the rooms are identical or based on the same templates. Others have the Series 8 gradient, which blends in well.


Clue Room

These were patrolled by Miremen this year, who revelled in proximity to the Sewers.


Moving Block

This featured in Series 7, but it has a graphic uplift. Blocks move from left to right in sequence and required careful timing. No fireballs here this season, but teams were pursued.


Play Your Cards Right

A formidable challenge from Series 7, which appeared once in Series 8.


If you never really understood (like me) how the Play Your Cards Right puzzle was played, Alex Smith has given an explanation:

Right, I've watched Barry's stab at the cards game and this is how I've interpreted it: The first card that is turned over is the ace of hearts. The next two are the two of spades and two of hearts. The idea of this section is follow suit, so the two of hearts must be touched. The next two are the 5 of clubs and the queen of hearts. Still following suit, the queen must be touched. Next is the 5 of spades and the 8 of hearts. Again, you need to follow suit and touch the 8. But then it changes. You are now presented with the queen of diamonds and the 8 of clubs. Team 3 mistakenly thought that it was red cards that had to be touched, and so died.

My interpretations says that you must touch the card that most closely matches the previous card you touched. Since the last card you touched was the 8 of hearts, the card you must now touch is the 8 of clubs, not the queen of diamonds. Now, the next card is a tricky one to explain and I'm not sure of it myself. The cards are the 10 of clubs and a joker. The 10 of clubs would seem to be the best bet as it is the same suit as the previous card. And indeed (from what I remember) the previous team did choose this one and went on to win. However, the joker is just as valid because it is a wild card and can be anything. So, from what I can tell, both of the last cards are valid options, so it doesn't matter what you choose there!

Sewers of Goth

A more versatile room this Series. Some teams exited without the customary boat ride. Miremen were able to move freely through the Sewers.


Goth Chamber


Generic Rooms

Team 2 is about to encounter Raptor.


Maldame lingers in Level 2 before commandeering Linghorm. The shadow of a red dragon can be seen.

End of Level / Trapdoor Room

Here Hordriss is able to reveal a Skeletron impersonating Sidriss. He then magically opens the trapdoor for the team in return.