Category: Series 8

The goodies in Series 8 included a genie, a jester, an apothecary and a warrior thief.

Treguard and Majida

The Dungeon Master and the genie back again for another series. Their interaction is much more co-operative and less confrontational this season, and their role together seems more familial than before.


Stiletta - Warrior Thief


A new addition to Series 8. A replacement for Romahna, and a throwback to Velda of Series 3, Stiletta was a firm, fair, and formidable warrior thief. She had a den in Level 1, where she could often be found practising her knife-throwing (sometimes involving goblins or other opposition figures). Quickly established as the native expert in codes, locks, stealth and secrets, Stiletta was often the only way for teams to discover rune combinations or to learn the secrets they needed to progress. She abided by the honourable 'code' amongst thieves, which made her a trader; though she would often lose one of her favourite knives, which was a good way to gain favour. She earned a reputation for daring exploits, notably raiding Lord Fear's palaces for powerful trinkets, and often had stealth magic of some description, as well as useful knowledge, which led to several attempts to capture her. However, unlike Romahna, who ended up captured by both Sylvester Hands and the hapless Raptor, Stiletta evaded both, and was instrumental in the final winning quest.

Stiletta: "First we take a good look of you. Then, if we don't like what we see, we stick a blade in you. Just for precautions, you know!"


Brother Strange - Proverbial Monk


Brother Strange: "Greetings young traveller. I note from your dress that you follow the quest."

The engimatic Brother Strange returned from Series 7, although more cordial with dungeoneers. This season, he collected proverbs from dungeoneers to add to his book, and provided advice in return. The opposition attempts to exploit this by impersonating him on one occasion to confuse dungeoneers.


Rothberry - the Apothecary


Rothberry returned from Series 7, again carrying around a stall with potions for trading with dungeoneers. Once again, Rothberry provided a source of comic relief when his 'notoriously unreliable' wares and experiments went wrong. He memorably helped a team with use of a flying potion, which saw him appear to float in mid-air above a trapdoor. 




A welcome return for the long-serving, long-suffering jester, absent during Series 7. Set free from an opposition charm, Motley returned as a cheerful source of help in Level 1, although he tended to be fairly limited on what he could offer. Motley once again took a shine to the maidens, though Stiletta had very little time for him, and he found himself once again the subject of Sidriss' magical misdemeanours. Eventually, Motley and Stiletta put their differences aside in a collective effort to raid Lord Fear's bulleon chamber, for which Motley (somehow) has the key. All's well that ends well?

Treguard: "He used to call himself the world greatest entertainer - but that was before the opposition nabbed him."




The veteran mage returned for limited involvement in his sixth consecutive season. Ever favourable for his familiar pomp and terrible disguises, this year Lord Fear plotted to kill him by disguising a Skeletron as a replica of Sidriss. When Fear later captures Hordriss in a body cage, his decision to hide Hordriss with the Quest Object backfired when his knowledge of Level 3's internal devices allowed Dunstan to escape with the Crown. We are reminded of Hordriss' power when he dismantled a skeletron with consummate ease, while Fear fumbled over the ingredients for a fillet spell to destroy a rogue skeletron. Most fitting to see Hordriss playing an epic part in the final episode.




Sidriss appeared in the second half of this season due to Iona Kennedy's pregnancy. Apparently, the costume had to be altered to fit! Sidriss once again proved a vulnerable target for opposition schemes, and nearly fell foul to fool-taker Snapper Jack.




Smirkenorff only appeared for the second half of the series. Teams would normally encounter him asleep in a lair in Level 1, and had to wake him and occasionally charm him for hints or small charms. He did not fly dungeoneers at all this year, although Treguard orders him to rescue dungeoneer Oliver in Level 3 at the season end.