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What's new in Series 6 of Knightmare? A summary of the main differences.

Start of Series

A swift introduction, before the first dungeoneer is introduced.

Similarities and Differences

The structure remains largely the same as the previous series. Treguard continues to direct proceedings, with assistance from Pickle.

There are several major changes to the dungeon and its characters.

Series 6 saw new titles for the first time, as well as new theme music.

There was no Children's ITV competition this year, but Treguard did make a promotional appearance to announce the new series.

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Teams begin with a 'Hall of Choice', where they select from one of the four classic quest objects. Purpose-built dwarf tunnels provide a regular link between sections of the dungeon.

The life force indicator changed to a walking knight, which shed its armour to reveal a skeleton. This sometimes collapsed when a dungeoneer 'died'.

Causeways remained the most regular challenge. These were standardised to alphanumeric sequences for Series 6, with a frightknight used as a timing device.

Lord Fear became established as the sole Leader of the Opposition - a throwback to Series 2, before Morghanna, Malice and Aesandre provided additional threats.

He resided in Mount Fear, with quest objects stored in the Caverns of Gore. The main line of defence was the Great Causeway, which had three challenges to complete.

The dungeon had several fixed strongholds to accommodate the new characters, including Wolfenden and WitchHaven.

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Several new characters were introduced. Sidriss, the daughter of Hordriss, provided foil for Motley. Ah Wok, an Oriental tradesman, provided competition for the devious Scaramonger.

The witches were ruled by Queen Greystagg. Lord Fear was keen to strike an alliance with the witches, but she denied him.

Teams could encounter Peggatty, who attacked dungeoneers with fireballs, or Heggatty, who provided help in exchange for WitchAmber.

The fiery Captain Nemanor led the Cloudwalker, a ship which took dungeoneers to (or within) Level 3. He detested Lord Fear and proved an important ally.

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Start of Episode

Episodes begin with an introduction from Treguard followed by Pickle's progress report from 'the Book of Quests'.

Treguard then announces, 'game on'.

End of Episode

Treguard: "Lord Fear, until time turns again, you may not harass them… 

"Play fair, or Fear play foul. We begin again at the allotted hour."