Category: Series 6

Level 3 of series 6 was achieved almost entirely using photography of real locations, particularly castle interiors and boats.

Dwarf Tunnel

Leading to a causeway and then the causeway itself.




The CloudWalker: Captain Nemanor's Ship

Nemanor's ship on the Great Ocean was accessed via Dwarf Tunnels. Teams might either encounter the Captain on the deck, or avoid him by entering on the stern. The exit was through a hatchway in the hull. On one occasion, Nemanor transports a dungeoneer to the Caverns of Gore.


Ariadne's Lair

Only used once (Team 5), but part of a tough level that incorporated all the toughest challenges to date.



Hordriss' 'Level 3 Entrance Examination': old fashioned Knightmare Level 3. Tough general knowledge: failure equals pending doom.


Corridor of Blades

Only used once this season (Team 6), and came as a surprise.


Ritual Room

Familiar from series 4. Deep into level 3, Elita is doing a ritual.


The Great Causeway

Used twice this season, claimed one team. Formidable causeway in three stages.


The Caverns of Gore


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