The sixth team of Series 4 retrieved the Crown, completing their quest in 54 minutes.

Team 6: Dickon, Dominic, Tim and Praveen from Torquay

The team has survived the Corridor of Blades and a falling bridge.

See how the quest has unfolded so far.

The sorceress, Malice, appears for a third time. This time, her patience has ran out.

Malice: "ENOUGH! I lose patience. Contrary to your beliefs, this is not a game. You thwart me and so I destroy you!"

The team spell-cast FIRE, which sends a blast into Malice's eye.

She retreats, screaming.

The danger is still not over. Treguard warns that energy levels are now critical. The team casts OPPOSITE so Dickon can consume the poison he is carrying.

Into a chamber where he encounters a third Weeping Door - Dooreen (score: 3).

A room of blue ruins. The Crown is on a statue, guarded by a haunting.

Dickon redeems the Crown. A championing horn sounds.


Pickle: "He's done it, master! Dickon has the Crown!"

Treguard summons Merlin, who arrives flustered into the antechamber.

Merlin: "Nothing like this has happened since... 1988! I've almost forgotten what to do next..."

Eventually, he regains his senses. He spell-casts UNITE, which returns Dickon to the antechamber.

Merlin then hands out winners' medals.

Merlin: "They are not valuables, you understand. Merely mementos. But what you have achieved is far more than any treasure."

The team all rise, as the dungeon salutes them. Merlin spell-casts HOME.

Merlin: "Let me know when you have another winner, Dungeon Master. But do make it soon!"

We were all treated like stars whilst we were there and we will never forget it. We are all eager for an invitation back again!

The Quest Review: Issue 1-2, Page 3

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