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Team 13: Karen, Pamela, Angela and Nicola from Denholm (Hawick).

The thirteenth (and final) quest of Series 2 was for the Chalice and was abandoned after 22 minutes.

Level 1

In the kitchen, Gretel asks for tips on beauty treatment. In return, she offers a tip about the dungeon.

It's 'back-to-front' day, she says. Everything will be the opposite to what it should be until Karen discovers the nature of her quest.

Karen survives the spider on the narrow ledge. Then, she is almost caught by the snake that appears when they investigate a red herring.

Treguard: "Something of absolutely no interest here, team. I should stay here and ignore it."

The Level 1 clue room is guarded by Granitas (Score: 3). He tells Karen her quest even before getting to the riddles!

However, the team don't realise that the trickery is now over. Treguard tells Karen to say "I command you" for her bonus, but her advisors tell her to ignore the hint.

They take gold and a jar of old toenails, leaving behind a red stone.

Karen is chased by the automatum through an exquisitely lit Corridor of the Catacombs.

On a dark cliff edge. Mildread (wearing an L plate) comes flying in on a broomstick. She's learning how to fly it and needs help getting down.

Following Mildread's instructions, Karen uses the toenails as part of a spell. Lillith returns the favour, giving Karen a RUST spell.

Mildread: You magicked me back down to earth, so I am going to magic you a little something for your journey.

Karen reaches the wellway, but must collect food first. This allows the automatum to enter and block the route to the well.

On Karen's desperate prompting, they spell-cast RUST, when sends the guard creaking to the floor. The way is clear to descend.

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