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Team 10: Julian, Vaughan, Becca and Mary from Banbury.

The tenth quest of Series 2 was for the Talisman and lasted 39 minutes.

Level 1

From the Wheel of Fortune, they encounter Gretel in the standard four-door room.

Gretel tests Julian's honesty by asking if she is pretty. (She will only accept a dishonest answer because he cannot see her.)

She offers a spell, FOUL, along with information about the exits and the automatum.

Gretel: "When foul's about, it will show it out!"

They make a mess of the Fire Cave, walking straight through a line of flame and damaging life force.

Better in the Level 1 clue room, which is guarded by Olgarth (Score: 3). Olgarth recommends taking a quill and a key. They leave behind a dagger.

Into a large room with reptilian eyes watching on from a distance. The automatum approaches from behind and almost catches Julian, who is yet to move from the corner.

Into a bomb room where the exit is locked. Julian uses the key to escape.

Into the kitchen, where a strange-sounding Gretel tries to offer Julian a pie. They spell-cast FOUL, which reveals a cackling Mildread. She claims it is just a joke.

Gretel dances in and realises that her form has been used. She throws Mildread out of the kitchen.

Gretel: "You're going to have to be much more careful if you’re ever going to be a hero, you know?"

The automatum continues its pursuit. Gretel tries to get Julian out but he keeps evading the exit!

Into the wellway room. Julian makes a quick descent before the mechanical warrior can catch him.

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