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Team 8: Stuart, Neil, Craig and Neal from Leicester.

The eighth quest of Series 2 was for the Chalice and lasted 24 minutes.

Level 1

Stuart emerges into the Combat Chess board from the Wheel of Fortune. It takes some manoeuvring, but they eventually conquer the room after around four minutes.

Stuart emerges at the base of the Fire Cave, so only needs to bypass one line of fire.

The Level 1 clue room is guarded by Igneous (Score: 2).

Igneous: "She will not wear a man's glove."

Stuart takes a white glove and a key, leaving behind a gauntlet.

Into the Scorpion Chamber, but it's easy to negotiate.

They reach Lillith's Domain, but she is not there! Stuart uses a lever to summon the causeway and she storms in.

Lillith: "Treguard! I hold you responsible for this outrage. If it should ever happen again, I shall have words with you…"

She is angered, so Stuart offers her the white glove for passage.

The Corridor of the Catacombs has a new peril - a huge swinging pendulum. (This was only used once.)

Stuart must run the width of the corridor to avoid a collision with the sphere.

Into a room with three doors, which is usually used for a card puzzle. The right-hand exit is locked. Stuart must unlock it whilst avoiding the automaton.

Treguard: "Beware the mindless threat of the mechanical warrior!"

Stuart is pursued through the wellway room. He climbs into the well before the automaton can strike with its ball and chain.

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