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Team 7: Neil, Craig, Jason and Mark from Newark.

The seventh quest of Series 2 was for the Crown and lasted 34 minutes.

Level 1

Neil encounters Folly in the four-door room. Folly advises him to "follow the Sword", providing a further hint about a red king.

Into a bomb room. The team ponders whether to collect food, which almost costs Neil dearly.

He is then almost hit by a snake but suffers no life force damage.

The Level 1 clues are guarded by Granitas (Score: 1). Despite scoring just one, they earn a clue: "the dagger may be used, but not against flesh". They take the dagger and a potion, leaving a bone.

In the Card Room, they follow Folly's advice to take the King.

Mildread impersonates the advisors and tries to guide Neil out through the door. The advisors are wise to it.

Treguard: "If she wanted Neil to go through that door, you can be sure there was something really nasty waiting on the other side."

Neil gives Mildread a potion for her cooking pot. In return, she gives him a word: STALACTITE.

The wellway is guarded by a cavern wraith. Treguard notes that it has no flesh.

Neil holds up the dagger, which makes the wraith disappear.

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