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Team 6: Akash, Tanya, Carrie and Kirsten from Sutton / Worcester Park, Surrey.

The sixth quest of Series 2 was for the Sword and lasted 10 minutes.

Level 1

No Wheel of Fate. Akash begins in a blue room with four doors.

On the cliff face, the Troll thinks that breakfast has arrived.

Treguard: "Not a lucky stop for you, team… The only fortunate thing about this encounter is that trolls aren't overburdened with intelligence. You'll just have to use your wits."

Akash convinces the Troll that he's no good to eat. The Troll reckons Akash has done him a favour and gifts him a TRUTH spell.

He is almost blown up by a bomb in the short bomb room. The team's reaction speaks for itself.

Treguard: (aside) "This team seems to hunt for trouble…"

The Level 1 clue room is guarded by Igneous (score: 1). The team spell-cast TRUTH during the first question, but fail to answer any more.

Igneous: "I scorn you! Rock I was, and rock I now become."

The team take a jewel and a jar of poison, leaving behind an ice pack.

Into the Great Corridor of the Catacombs, which is guarded by a reptilian creature.

The team try and guide Akash through an exit marked with a Chalice. Treguard has to prompt them to think of their quest - the Sword.

They encounter Lillith, do but do not have an ice pack for her hangover headache. She rages…


Lillith: "I have no time for boys like you, so crumble, ledge, and Akash too!"

We hear one of the advisors uttering "Oh my God!"

Treguard: "Ooh, nasty! You really needed more information from Igneous, girls, because without it you chose the poison and not the ice pack."

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