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Team 5: Tony, Craig, Tony and Dean from Ashford, Kent.

The fifth quest of Series 2 was for the Crown and lasted 25 minutes.

Level 1 

Tony leaps straight from the Wheel of Fate into the Level 1 clue room. Treguard is impressed.

Treguard: "Well done, team. Fate has been kind to you. You've avoided much peril and jumped straight to the Level 1 clue room… Your first trial is imminent."

The clue room is guarded by Olgarth (score: 2). Tony must find the Maid to discover his quest. He takes a bar of silver and a jar of bats' wings.

Into a room with a giant Scorpion. They can avoid its sting at the right wall, so they guide Tony to safety.

A room with five doors. Three are locked, one shows a playing card, and one shows a knight.

Treguard: "It seems you're being challenged to a game of luck or a game of skill."

They choose the knight path, and emerge on a large chess board. Treguard terms it 'Combat Chess'.

On our first day in the dungeon, Tim Child enters the green room, asking if any of us play chess, to which we reply ‘yes’… We chose skill and in the next room discover a giant chess board…

Treguard: "Remember, Tony, yours is the knight's move… The trouble here is that the enemy bishop is deadly and you are quite vulnerable."

They survive Combat Chess, though they have to backtrack at one point to outfox the Bishop.

In the Beam Room is a table with a whole chicken. The beams start firing as Tony reaches for the food.

At one stage, the camera cuts away as Tony gets dangerously close to the edge. Were they let off?

Advisor Tony Williams says they thought their time was up!

You can see it in my reaction… Dean puts his hand over his mouth and Craig says 'Oh God'… Maybe they gave us a break. Or maybe we corrected quickly, before the computer programmer could end the game.

Mildread and Gretel are working on an everlasting beauty spell for the Maid, much to Mildread's annoyance.

Mildread: "It's not beauty she needs - it's a brain."

Tony offers the bats' wings. Mildread says they won't help with Gretel's spell, but they could help create a wellway.

Gretel informs Tony that his quest is for the Crown. She also gives him a DOWN spell.

Into the well, but it's a trick from Mildread. Tony ends up in a monster's stomach!

They use the DOWN spell to escape.

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