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Team 4: Mark, Daniel, Matthew and Jonathan from Witney.

The fourth quest of Series 2 was for to free the Maid and lasted 40 minutes.

Level 1

Folly the Jester invites Mark to play 'Chase the Lady'. The room fills with playing cards, so the team must choose the correct symbol to unlock the Queen.

Gretel the Maid is in the kitchen. Mark corrects her knowledge of the 'Knave of Hearts' rhyme, and gains a clue to avoid the bomb room.

The Level 1 clue room is guarded by Igneous (Score: 3).

Igneous: "To proceed, you'll need to wake the dead, or you'll be dead."

Mark takes a bell and a bar of gold, leaving behind a gauntlet on the Wall Monster's advice.

Into a long bomb room, with the fuse already lit. They escape (unusually) into a side exit.

Lillith's Chamber, where Mark rings the bell to wake her. She is not impressed.

Lillith: "Oh, dragon's breath. If I had wanted to live in a cathedral, I would have done so."

She allows Mark to escape without payment as long as he passes quickly and quietly.

Gumboil the Horrid guards the wellway to Level 2.

With no password, they bribe him with some gold and eventually he lets Mark through.

Gumboil: "Just this once, mind you!"

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