Category: Series 2

Series 2 consisted of a total of 13 teams across 16 episodes.

Team 1: Martin, John, Tony and Lee from Sunderland

Team 2: Claire, Kerry, Michelle and Cheryl from Ludlow, Shropshire

Team 3: Christopher, Kenneth, Paul, and Chris from St Helens

Team 4: Mark, Daniel, Matthew and Jonathan from Witney

Team 5: Tony, Craig, Tony and Dean from Ashford, Kent

Team 6: Akash, Tanya, Carrie and Kirsten from Sutton / Worcester Park, Surrey

Team 7: Neil, Jason, Craig and Mark from Newark

Team 8: Stuart, Neil, Greg and Neal from Leicester

Team 9: Jamie, Joseph, Paul and Saranjit from Leeds

Team 10: Julian, Vaughan, Becca and Mary from Banbury

Team 11: Anthony, Alan, Mark and Darren from Ash, Hampshire

Team 12: Steven, Mark, Paul and Chris from Weston-Super-Mare

Team 13: Karen, Pamela, Angela and Nicola from Denholm


13 teams, 2 winning quests.