Category: Series 2

There were two winning teams in Series 2 - the first winners in Knightmare history.

Team 4: Mark, Daniel, Matthew and Jonathan from Witney

Mark Wickson and team were the first ever winners of Knightmare. Their quest was to free the Maid.

See their progress so far.

Mark arrives at a platform surrounded by darkness. The final letter of the spell he needs is in the corner, so they collect it to complete FREE.

Life force is fading, so they proceed quickly to the exit - a guillotine that slices downwards. They time the leap with care.

Mark stands on an arrow at the end of the dungeon.

Treguard: "Remember, Merlin said you may have a further spell… What do you think it must be?"

They spell-cast FREE. A cylindrical tower appears. The Maid's face forms above it.


Treguard: "Fantastic, you've done it, you've mastered the dungeon. Mark, you may remove the helmet. Spellcasting, HEROES."

They are awarded the Silver Spurs of Squiredom.

Treguard: "You are the first of our young adventurers ever to master the dungeon."

The team cheers.

Treguard: "Others will no doubt follow, but that glory will always be yours.

"I salute you, we all salute you."


Team 10: Julian, Vaughan, Becca and Mary from Banbury

Julian Smith and team also completed the dungeon. Their quest was to retrieve the Talisman.

See their progress so far.

The team has collected all the pieces but must now reach the end of the dungeon.

In the guillotine room, they collect a sprite of energy to restore life force. This allows them to time their leap with care.

Stood facing the night sky, the cylindrical tower appears.

Treguard: "You have all the pieces, and this is a place of magic. Come on team, spell-cast!"

Mary: "Spellcasting: TALISMAN"


Treguard: "You've done it! You've mastered the dungeon. Well done indeed!"

He spell-casts HEROES.

Treguard: "Your names will go on our roll of honour."

He presents them with an 'Anglia Television Silver Spurs 1988' medal.

Treguard: "Accept this symbol of squiredom, and accept also the salutes of Knightmare Castle. And remember, the only way is onwards. There is no turning back."