Most of the rooms in level 1 of series 2 were reused from series 1, sometimes with minor modificiations.

Wheel of Fate/Fortune

This room appeared at the beginning of most quests. A rotating wheel appears with three rooms. Using the lever, the dungeoneer can stop the rotation and begin their quest in the room that it halts at.

Ring Bell

A great room which unfortunately was only used once this series as the first room for team 3. Simply, the dungeoneer has to ring the bell to make the + shaped platform twist and land on top of the + shaped hole to create a pathway. A similar one was also used in series 1.

Clue Rooms

The clue rooms were inhabited by wall monsters Igneous of Legend, Olgarth of Legend and Granitas of Legend. Clues and quest items were earned by answering 3 riddles. The more correct answers, the more clues the team would get to decide which objects should be taken.

They look similar, don't they! Even Treguard had problems identifying which is which. Treguard once said that Granitas was the deadliest wall monster in the dungeon.

Combat Chess

Treguard: "Oh dear. This is not chess, as you know it, but Combat Chess. The trouble here is that the bishop is your opponent, and he is quite deadly. You are quite vulnerable, you may move only when it is your move. Safe exit is your target. You are the Knight errant so you may only use the knight's move. The game is on... and it's your move now."

The Scorpion

Quite straightforward here, just dodge it's nasty sting.

Fire Cave

Timing is vital. Touching the fire will decrease your life force status by one grade:

Lillith's Domain

To gain access onward into the serpent's mouth, the dungeoneer must offer something for Lillith. If it is not accepted, Lillith would crumble your ledge and maybe say "Nice of you to drop in!". She would of course form the ledge if you earn the access.

Lillith: "Rock to rock and stone to stone..."

The Pendulum

This only appeared once. The pendulum goes, well, back and forth, and you need to get across without being hit! The cup here is a piece of the quest object, and also shows which door to take.

Card Room

The three cards on the back wall block three doors. To release the right path, the dungeoneer must step on the appropriate part on the card on the floor. The clue to this would usually have been given earlier in the quest. This same room was also used as in the picture on the right, except with different shades of lighting done via a computer. For full details about this technology, read The History of Knightmare.

The Ledge

Sometimes you have to dash away before Ariadne (the spider) gets too excited. And sometimes a character would come around to offer advice etc.

Bomb Rooms

As seen in Series 1 and Series 3 as well, these are some of the best rooms in Knightmare. The bomb fuse usually starts burning slowly before speeding up. This tricks the team into thinking that they have time to move at a slow pace, or pick up the food. On a few occasions we hear the bomb explode just as, or just after, the dungeoneer exits. As one might expect, the majority of teams panic like mad in these rooms!


This was another great room where the beams pierce the floor every few seconds. You seem to be fine as long as your dungeoneer can walk in a straight line!

The Great Corridor of the Catacomb

This never actually hurt any dungeoneers, but it would not be wise to hang around. The left picture shows the green version (also seen in level 2), with two of the quest objects. The right picture shows a lighter version, where the floor disintegrated.

Four Doors

This room appears in both level 1 and 2, usually with clues on the top of the doors. In level 1 it would usually appear at the start of a quest with various puzzles. The one on the right was in level 2 where the team fell into a trap as they did not take a divining rod in the clue room and any door they took led back to the same room!

The Kitchen

Always inhabited. Here Mildread was up to one of her tricks. (A FOUL spell revealed who she really was!) Gretel the Maid was also a regular.

The Ridge

This chamber almost always contained the Troll with that weird voice. Always wants to eat the dungeoneer, but never actually did as it was easy to escape.

Mildread's Chamber

Notice how the picture on the right has a door missing! And in the left picture, Mildread's cauldron was turned into a wellway into level 2 (the dungeoneer threw some ingredients in to it).

Worm Chamber

Quite straightforward here. No team ever died in this room.

The same room appeared like this a couple of times this series. Looks like frog of some sort which just stayed there as the dungeoneer walked to the door.

Also if you look carefully, this room is also used for the Wheel of Fortune/Fate room at the start of the quests.

Vale of Worms

Nice integration of video with picture here. This room would usually be an encounter with someone like Olaf the Viking who might just throw you in unless you earn the passage.


Usually always guarded, sometimes with a ghost. In this case the dungeoneer is being chased by the Automatum. The picture on the right shows the dungeoneer going down to level 2.

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