Televirtual (the same people who created Knightmare) are developing a format for a new TV adventure game show entitled 'TimeGate'.

Watch the Knightmare VR pilot here on

Download this file (1314_Clue_Room.wmv)2. Clue Room.wmv[2. The team reach a clue room, and investigate with Treguard's help.]4567 kB
Download this file (1314_Despair_Encounter.wmv)5. Despair.wmv[5. The team encounter the wall-monster, Despair.]752 kB
Download this file (Causeway.wmv)6. Causeway.wmv[6. The team reach the causeway, and Despair.]6869 kB
Download this file (Intro.wmv)1. Intro.wmv[1. The opening of the pilot, introducing the players.]1738 kB
Download this file (SliceMeDiceMe.wmv)4. SliceMeDiceMe.wmv[4. 'Slice Me Dice Me' - Lord Fear's fiendish new puzzle.]2398 kB
Download this file (SpyOrb.wmv)3. SpyOrb.wmv[3. A slightly longer clip of the spy orb only.]1388 kB

A message from Tim Child on the Knightmare Discussion Forum:

After many years, there are finally some plans to try and get an official release of Knightmare on DVD.

On 7th September 2007 it was exactly 20 years since the first episode of Knightmare was broadcast on Children's ITV.

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