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Following its repeats of Series 3, Challenge have confirmed that repeats of Series 4 will commence on Sunday (20th December) in the usual timeslot (10-11am, a double bill).

Then comes the Christmas break, with Series 4 resuming next year on Sunday 10th January.

Series 4 (1990) is more divisive among fans than Series 3 (1989). Creator Tim Child has written:

'Knightmare series 3 had explored the limits to be achieved by a solitary dungeoneer being guided around a double-garage sized dungeon chamber, blindfolded by a bucket-shaped helmet.

And these limits weren’t just imposed by the number of chambers David Rowe could paint, or the number of scenes which Robert Harris and his computer graphic artists could animate.

The Greater Game demanded a greater fantasy world and the current graphic sources could not deliver it.

So it was to Britain’s own rich history of medieval castles and ruined abbeys that we turned. From Kent to Wales, the Knightmare team plundered, filmed and photographed. And it wasn’t just fortifications. A rich treasure of ancient dwellings was discovered at the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum in Sussex, and then there caves and lakes and great barns.

On screen, the results, however, were mixed.' (History of Knightmare)

With Series 3 a close memory, you'll be able to judge for yourselves. There is plenty to enjoy in Series 4: some superbly entertaining new characters (I can't praise Brother Mace highly enough), further intrigue from established characters (Hordriss and Mogdred both raise their game), the arrival of two of Knightmare's deadliest obstacles (Block and Tackle, Corridor of Blades), some sharp teams and plenty of visits to Level 3 that may or may not lead to victory. 

If you want to refresh your memory ahead of the Challenge repeats, the ITV Children's Classics channel on YouTube has clips from all eight Series 4 quests. I've organised them chronologically in this playlist.

One final point. By our calculations, "Simon ... sidestep to your left" will be shown on 31st January. That is all.