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Series 3 of Knightmare is being repeated on Challenge from Sunday 25th October.

Having run through the first and second series since May 2013, Challenge have now rebought the rights to show the third and fourth series (as originally seen on Children's ITV in 1989 and 1990 respectively). We'll get a double bill each time, from 10-11am (but do check TV listings nearer the time in case of changes). Assuming no hiatuses, this means that the Series 3 showings will conclude with Episodes 15 & 16 on 13th December, with Series 4 to follow some time afterwards. (20th December, we hope, but Christmas scheduling may have other ideas. We should know for certain later this year.)

Series 3 of Knightmare is, for a large percentage of fans, the best of the best. It's times like this when a seasoned fan who remembers the outcome of every quest might envy a watcher who doesn't: as Motley the jester says in one episode, "Get ready for the ride of your life!" If there is anyone in your life whom you want to make into a Knightmare fan - son, daughter, nephew, niece, workmate, partner, cat - this is the series that might just do it. And the better the ratings, the more likely it is that Challenge will look into reshowing Series 5-8.

Challenge is on Sky channel 145, Freeview 46, Freesat 145 and Virgin 139. Not forgetting Challenge +1 on Sky 164, Freesat 146 and Virgin 180, if opening your eyes before 11am on a Sunday feels too daunting.
"Winter is coming," goes the quotation from somewhere or other.'s advice is not to worry, because Treguard - complete with sword, beard and an unfortunate excess of orange foundation - is approaching with it. To paraphrase another quotation from somewhere or other, the winter of your discontent will be made glorious autumn by this son of Dunshelm. Enjoy.
P.S. You can watch Challenge's trailer for Knightmare Series 3 on YouTube.