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Following the Knightmare news roundup I put together in March, there's now enough fresh news, big and small, for another update. Let's start with the biggest:


1. Series 3 and 4 returning to Challenge. The channel's beautiful friendship with Knightmare began in 2002, when a Christmastime showing of Series 3 Episode 1 led eventually to all 8 series being repeated. Ever since Challenge started reshowing Series 1 and 2 in May 2013, fans have wondered when more was to come. And now we know: following a new deal, Challenge has stated on social media that the third and fourth series (the last one of the '80s and the first one of the '90s) will be back on your magic mirrors from September. Watch this space, and Challenge's cyberspaces too, for more information nearer the time. Series 1 is currently repeated for an hour on Sundays (11am-12pm); Series 2 may follow that. In the meantime, prepare yourselves for some of the finest television ever made.
2. Knightmare Live. Two years old this month, the show that has done so much to keep Knightmare's fire burning has plenty more food in its knapsack. While skipping the Edinburgh Fringe this year, it is crossing the Welsh border for the first time and has dates in London and Birmingham too. As ever, the Knightmare Live website has details and ticket links. You might also be intrigued by the M.M.O.R.P.G. Show, a new project from Paul Flannery of Knightmare Live.
3. Threads. Not as in forum threads (though ours are still going strong) but as in clothes. If you need a new wardrobe... I'm afraid we can't help, but you could try that Swedish furniture place that sounds like a Scot saying "I care". If you're happy with your existing wardrobe but want some more stuff to put in it, you might like these Knightmare-related garments: Truffle Shuffle's Old School Video Tapes Collection T-shirts (for men and women); Groatsworth's Vote Treguard for Lord Commander T-shirt, which draws a connection between Knightmare and Game of Thrones that is also enjoyably captured in Music Composer's 'Game of Thrones Uncut' YouTube video.
4. Interview with a jester. Unlike a dungeoneer hoping to survive the Corridor of Blades, aims to be at the cutting edge. In fan community terms, actor Paul Valentine (Motley, Sylvester Hands, Boatman, Fidjit) hadn't been heard from for an age - but in April, we posted an exclusive interview with him. Head this way for PV's POV. Or look to the right and tap him on the nose if it pleases you.
5. Media mentions. From the free magazine Time Out and the freesheet Metro to not-so-freesheet The Sunday Times, Knightmare continues to be mentioned in print by discerning journalists. (Strictly speaking, the Metro feature was about Knightmare Live, but it's difficult to write about without the odd reference to Knightmare creeping in. You can find a scan shared on Knightmare Live's social media pages.) The Mirror's online article '18 game shows you desperately wanted to appear on when you were a kid' included Knightmare too.Topping all these, though, was Jake Yapp's Election Wipe reference to Jeremy Vine "playing Knightmare" amongst the BBC's CGI. More details here.
6. Cast and crew news. The cliché about Knightmare's out-of-work actors is something of a fallacy... sorry, a falsehood. David Verrey (Golgarach, McGrew) appeared on BBC2's The Game; Adrian Neil (Ridolfo, Captain Nemanor) has done an advert for Kia; Nicholas Collett (Lissard in Knightmare VR, Sylvester II in 2013's Knightmare special for YouTube Geek Week) is touring both sides of the Atlantic Ocean with his acclaimed one-man show about Lord Nelson; Edmund Dehn (Gumboil, Automatum) appeared in the violent music video for Hate by Loom; Rayner Bourton (Julius Scaramonger, Skarkill) now has a showreel online that includes a Knightmare clip and some even more fearsome material. David Rowe appeared at Play Blackpool 2015 in May, revealing in this RetroUnlim interview that his involvement with Knightmare went beyond illustration to "castle consultation". Also courtesy of Retro Unlim, you can watch David's full presentation here, in which he talks about his crowdfunded (and, in the best possible way, crowdpleasing) Art of Knightmare book. A video interview with David by Retro Zone followed in June.
7. It's more than a TV series. Knightmare's official merchandise included two computer games. In June, a review of the second one was posted on Giant Bomb (of which Knightmare had a fair few). And those of you with fond memories of Dave Morris' Knightmare novellas/gamebooks might like to know that there is a Kickstarter afoot (no pun intended) to help continue the unique Fabled Lands series of gamebooks he has co-written with Jamie Thomson (who was also his collaborator on a Crystal Maze gamebook in the 1990s). Their illustrator, Russ Nicholson, also contributed to Dave's last two Knightmare books.
8. Knightmare and weddings. It's not too much of a contrivance to say that a show set in a dungeon world inspired by Middle-earth and Camelot but made using chromakey had something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. So it was pleasing to read how, thanks to the efforts of Dream Themes, Knightmare played a part at the recent wedding of Kat and Harry.
9. Oculus Rift. If there's one fan project that deserves the spotlight this time around, it's the magnificent Oculus Rift recreations of Knightmare rooms by jamesuk. Check the Forum for more details from James himself.
10. And finally... a personal favourite of mine, also from the aforementioned James. If you explore his YouTube channel, you'll find a video in which he's given the intro to Series 6 Episode 14 a new soundtrack: the infamous but completely genuine music composed by Madmanmoon a decade later for Knightmare VR. With a few of James' sound effects sprinkled in as well, the result is most entertaining.
Thank you to all those who have helped find the news for this update, and of course those who have made that news. When October 2015 (September is Knightmare's 28th anniversary) brings Series 3 back to our viewing devices, we will regain sight of the room where each new dungeoneer rolls a die to summon another die (a case of pair-of-dice regained?). It's a room that's very green - and Knightmare's Life Force looks set to stay that very colour for a while yet.
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