Less than three months into 2015, you might be surprised how much has been happening on all sorts of Knightmare fronts. Because lists are highly fashionable, and I sometimes have wild aspirations to be highly fashionable, I've made a list. From 1 to 10...


1. More repeats. Knightmare is a first and foremost TV show and Challenge have made sure that 2015 is another year of Knightmare on TV. According to Challenge's social media, Sunday 29th March will see a 10:30am reshowing of the first ever episode, followed by Series 1-2 repeats on Saturday mornings at 10:30 and Sunday mornings at 10 o'clock and 10:30. Series 1 had also been reshown in January. Challenge is available on Freeview 46, Freesat /Sky145, Virgin 145 and in the Café 80's in Hill Valley. It's also due to feature on Gogglebox very soon. The last two are not true. I'm the king of wishful thinking.
2. David Rowe's Art of Knightmare. Ignoring the fact that's not number 1 in my list, this one tops the lot. Following a crowdfunding triumph, a lot of hard work and a couple of over-trimmed 'Corridor of Blades edition' print runs, the printed copies of the ultimate Knightmare book were finally ready to send out this month to those who'd pledged for one on Indiegogo. Covering nearly all of David Rowe's artwork for Knightmare, it's rich in detail both graphical and behind-the-scenes. For a Knightmare fan not to treasure a copy, or worse not to own one at all, is like that infamous sidestep of Simon's: just not right at all. Here's one way to pick up a paper copy; ebook versions are available too.
3. In January, Edgar Froese sadly passed away. He was the founder of Tangerine Dream, and his connection to Knightmare goes right back to the 1987 pilot, when Tangerine Dream's Sorcerer Theme was aptly chosen as the pilot's theme.
4. The death of Richard Bonehill in February was another tragic loss to Knightmare. From his role in the 1987 Knightmare pilot as a proto-Cedric monk and a 'chromakey guardian' - dressed head to toe in blue, granting him invisibility against the bluescreen while he brandished a scimitar at the dungeoneer - Richard kept his copy of the script, later selling it via his website to the marvellous Billy Hicks, enabling him in turn to share it with all of us via this very website. Thank you, Richard.
5. #Knightmare trending on Twitter. It's happened a few times before, but this time it was for the weirdest of reasons. In January, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced an Aussie knighthood for Prince Philip, got comprehensively pilloried for it and spawned a scandal which on social media was referred to as the #Knightmare. Said one antipodean social media strategist, "The whole thing about #knightmare is that it's such a clever pun, so everyone just jumps on it. It becomes very organic." As if that weren't surreal enough, a satirical cartoon about the Knightmare furore was painted by an Australian artist called David Rowe.
6. In a further replenishment of Knightmare's life force, Knightmare Live put on the first show of their third year (a Valentine's Night affair in Leicester) and have announced further 2015 dates. Paul Flannery (Treguard) also gave an interview to The Fantasy Podcast episode 4. Links for tickets can be found on the Knightmare Live website. It's what theatre was made for. (No really: theatre is from the Ancient Greek word for watchers.)
7. Fan projects. A successful meetup of Knightmare fans took place in York in February: 'a mixture of general social stuff as well as an opportunity to participate in the creation and playing of an early version of what will become the next Midnight Hunt for a future KM Convention.' On Twitter, Chasersgaming has been tweeting updates on his promising Knightmare game. There've been new audio releases from The Dunshelm Players and the Knightmare Audio Series, celebrating Knightmare in ways that fans of all levels, serious or casual, can enjoy. Or did I mean levels as in dungeon sections? I'm a fan of all the levels, including Level 42. No dungeoneer ever got that far, but rumour has it that the jesters and maids go to Level 42 for lessons in love and livin' it up.
8. More video clips on YouTube. Last year, we reported on how the CITV Old Skool channel on YouTube was uploading Knightmare clips. They've continued doing so this year (under the new name ITV Children's Classics) and the clips now cover 7 of Knightmare's 8 series.
9. Articles mentioning Knightmare. These include Curious UK Telly's 5 Children's Shows That Have to Be Released on DVD - NOW!, Graeme Virtue's piece for the Guardian about The Crystal Maze and Kevin Eva's article for VR Focus entitled Make it a (Virtual) Reality: Knightmare. You might also like to scroll down David Rowe's Facebook page to February for a scan of a fascinating old magazine article about Knightmare's BSkyB sister show The Satellite Game, for which David provided artwork too.
10. Knightmare actors on screen again. 25 years after appearing in Series 4 as Mistress Goody, Erin Geraghty had a guest role in Birds of a Feather. And there's a video here of Rayner Bourton, a.k.a. Skarkill and Julius Scaramonger, performing with improv comedy group Chuckle Duster. Various Knightmare locations got screen time too: Fountains Abbey and Rievaulx Abbey were visited by Janina Ramirez in her BBC Four series Saints and Sinners: Britain's Millennium of Monasteries; Leeds Castle was seen in Horror's repeat of Doctor Who serial The Androids of Tara this month. It's worth watching, if only for the reassurance that it doesn't feature a certain Ms. Palmer-Tomkinson showing off her smartphones. Coincidentally, Erin Geraghty's husband Paul Lavers is in it.
To sum up: it's 2015. There are no hoverboards (which is annoying, because I really need one in order to be highly fashionable). But the greatest TV series ever made is thriving, over 20 years since it ended on TV - and that's a close second-best.
If you didn't enjoy this article, you might enjoy my tweets even less, and might loathe my website, so best not click those links.

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