Category: Knightmare

Knightmare's eventful 2013 earned it a mention in UKGameshows' Poll of the Year.

Results have just been published for the ninth annual poll run by and Bother's Bar. As well as voting for the best and worst new formats and overall favourite gameshow of 2013, readers were asked for any "magic moments" they enjoyed in the past 12 months.

Knightmare was among the shows suggested in the latter category, after a high-profile year that included repeats on Challenge, a new episode on YouTube and a successful live show. The poll results and comments can be read in full here.

Knightmare has its own page on, and has previously been discussed in the Weaver's Week column.

Bother's Bar reviewed the Knightmare VR pilot in 2004, and interviewed Knightmare creator Tim Child in 2007.