Knightmare Series 1 and 2 will be shown on Challenge TV on Saturdays, two episodes at a time.

Starting with the first two episodes of Series 1 this Saturday (January 11th) from 11:00am-12:00pm, Challenge plans to show two episodes of Series 1 every Saturday for the rest of January and into February, followed by Series 2 in the same fashion from February-March.

We've worked out the following schedule (though all must surely be an illusion, or subject to change at any rate):

  • January 25th: Series 1 episodes 5-6 (first "Ooh nasty", first Welsh team)
  • January 11th: Series 1 episodes 1-2
  • January 18th: Series 1 episodes 3-4 (first quest spell, first glimpse of Level 2; first instruction to sidestep)
  • February 1st: Series 1 episodes 7-8 (first glimpse of Level 3)
  • February 8th: Series 2 episodes 1-2
  • February 15th: Series 2 episodes 3-4
  • February 22nd: Series 2 episodes 5-6 (first win; "Play a while, play forever")
  • March 1st: Series 2 episodes 7-8 ("Poor old Akash"; "Letter O")
  • March 8th: Series 2 episodes 9-10
  • March 15th: Series 2 episodes 11-12
  • March 22nd: Series 2 episodes 13-14 (second win)
  • March 29th: Series 2 episodes 15-16 (first Scottish team)

We hope that plenty of you will relish these opportunities to see Knightmare's formative series and all their classic moments, regardless of whether you saw them last in 1988 or 2013. When it comes to Life Force, the weekend need not mean weakened.

Challenge TV is available on Freeview (46), Freesat (145), Virgin (139) and Sky (145). All Challenge watching opportunities are duplicated an hour later on the channel Challenge+1 (Sky 164).

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