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David Cooper, a great supporter of Knightmare at ITV, passed away this week.

This sad, unexpected news was broken by Matt Bowen, CITV's Head of Scheduling. David was 33.

While we didn't know David personally, his enthusiasm for Knightmare gives us much to be thankful for. He worked tirelessly to bring viewers the nostalgic feast that was the CITV Old Skool Weekend in 2013, personally choosing the two Knightmare episodes. Knowing that a winning quest would go down well, he picked Series 7 Episodes 14 and 15, in which Barry's team won the Shield.

When Knightmare repeats returned to Challenge later that same year, David helped to wave the flag via several tweets, including: 'Sorry to plug the opposition as it were, but don't forget that it's #Frightday over on @ChallengeTV Knightmare is on tonight, I can't wait!'

He also welcomed the new Knightmare episode made for YouTube Geek Week in 2013: 'Just watch it, it's pretty good!'

David's work as a Schedule Coordinator encompassed CITV, ITV2 and ITVBe as part of an award winning team. A lover of puzzles, he blogged as The Wandering Puzzler.

Our condolences to David's family, friends and colleagues. The picture below, taken at CITV Creative in Salford, shows him with the frightknight statue that once stood behind Tommy Boyd on CITV and greeted us Watchers of Illusion during Knightmare Series 5 and 6. (David's words: 'I had the opportunity to have my picture taken with CITV's Bafta, or with this... no contest really') We are grateful to all watchers who help stop the illusion fading, and David Cooper was certainly one of those. With him, Knightmare was in very good hands.