We're glad so many of you got to meet Hugo at Leicester Horror Con on 22nd June at Leicester's Guildhall.

It was an appropriately named venue: while Hugo Myatt may be most famous for playing a dungeonmaster, he also voiced the Guildmaster in the game Fable.

Leicester Horror Con is just one of the many conventions Hugo's been to since he was a guest at our own Knightmare Convention in Norwich in 2014.

Hugo's other recent conventions include:

  • Wat Con One, March 2019, Watford
  • Sci Fi Scarborough, April 2019
  • PLAY Expo Manchester, May 2019 - with Knightmare artist David Rowe and Knightmare Live

Hugo's forthcoming conventions include:

  • Em-Con Worcester, 14th September, Worcester Arena
  • Coastal Comic Con, 28th September, Royal Bath Hotel in Bournemouth

We hope more and more fans will enjoy these opportunities to meet Hugo in person. He's not so scary in real life. Except when he stares...


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