Remembering the late Geoffrey Hayes' panto season with a Knightmare cast member.

A fond farewell to children's TV legend Geoffrey Hayes. Or as many of us knew him, Geoffrey from Rainbow. We were sad to hear about his death.

Rainbow and Knightmare have more in common than it may seem. Both series featured characters who were colourful, eccentric, sometimes helpful and occasionally unnerving. At the heart of this reality, one man kept his head while welcoming us in in our millions and making us want to return week after week.

Both Knightmare and Rainbow were included in the CITV Old Skool Weekend in January 2013.

'oh dear my kids like some rubbish programs . Bring back rainbow and knightmare' @smod123, via Twitter

Back in 2002 when the current incarnation of our discussion forum came into being, one of the very first topics was about a pantomime at the Wyvern Theatre in Swindon. Two of our members were racing to scan a pantomime flyer for the website and it was James Aukett who got there first. The panto was Dick Whittington; the cast included Hugo Myatt (also directing) and Geoffrey Hayes. We're glad to have it in our collection.


Thank you to Geoffrey for making us part of a nutty, joyous world and for being part of our childhood memories.

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