Two new screenings have been announced for the award-winning fantasy film Lovelorn, featuring Knightmare actor Edmund Dehn.

"Set between the parallel worlds of contemporary London, the deserted afterlife and a mysterious dreamscape, Lovelorn is a story of lost souls trying to save each other. John has always been over protective of his younger sister Lorna, so when a motorcycle accident leaves her in a coma, he makes a promise to bring her back at whatever the cost.

Challenging Death himself, John journeys into the dreamscape, putting his own life increasingly at risk in a desperate attempt to bring Lorna back to the waking world. But while John wants Lorna back she may have other ideas. Trapped in the afterlife she is able to search for her boyfriend, determined to be reunited with him even if it kills her.

Populated with mystical characters and twists at every turn, the afterlife weaves its web around John until he is faced with a final choice and must decide if love is worth the ultimate sacrifice. Lovelorn is a visually stunning fantasy; exploring the lengths we will go to for someone we love."

Edmund Dehn won Best Supporting Actor at the 2009 LA Reel Film Festival for his role as Charon, based on the ferryman from Greek mythology.

In the late '80s he appeared in Series 1 and Series 2 of Knightmare, playing the alcoholic guard Gumboil, the Giant, the wall monster Igneous and the mindless Automatum.

A trailer for Lovelorn (including a Knightmare-esque "Where am I?") can be viewed below, with more information on the official website and Facebook page.

There will be two 7pm screenings of the film (rated 18+) at The Hen & Chickens Theatre on London's Highbury Corner, on Saturday 12th and Thursday 24th April. Tickets are available from TicketWeb.

Alternatively, the film can be downloaded from iTunes for £7.99, and is also available on Region 1 DVD.


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