A few Knightmare actors have appeared in various TV drama shows in recent weeks.

Hugo Myatt

Hugo Myatt (Treguard) appeared in the new BBC ONE drama series - 'Life as we know it' starring Richard Wilson. He played a Vicar at a funeral service on the episode shown on 22nd July 2001.

Iona Kennedy

Iona Kennedy (Sidriss) appeared on a train in the comedy sitcom 'Barbara' shown on 15th July 2001.

Michael Cule

Michael Cule (Brother Mace) appeared as a contestant on the ITV quiz show 'The People Versus' shown on 6th July 2001.

He was the first contestant on that day's show and lasted 10 minutes at which point he ran out of 'flip' questions and took £1,000.

His specialist subject was series 1-4 of 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'. He also said that he is working as a civil servant at the moment.


Thanks to Kieran, Neil Jones, Daniel Pridham and Sidriss for the above information.

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