Clips of Knightmare on Children's ITV

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Download this file (1987Adverts.rm)1987Adverts.rm[This should take you back a bit. An advert for Oracle Teletext, followed by an advert for 'Look In' magazine, followed by adverts.]322 kB
Download this file (1987FirstEpisode.mp3)1987FirstEpisode.mp3[A quick mention of what's on Children's ITV for the rest of the week. [Remember, Knightmare began on Monday afternoons.]110 kB
Download this file (1987KnightmareNext.mp3)1987KnightmareNext.mp3[The Children's ITV presenters announcing the first ever episode of Knightmare.]35 kB
Download this file (1988Competition.rm)1988Competition.rm[Treguard announcing a competition on Children's ITV to design a dungeon room.]55 kB
Download this file (1988Winner.rm)1988Winner.rm[Children's ITV's Mark Granger speaks to the first ever winning dungeoneer Mark on the phone straight after the episode.]59 kB
Download this file (1989BookAdvert.mp3)1989BookAdvert.mp3[A plug for the second Knightmare book - The Labyrinths of Fear. ]38 kB
Download this file (1990Gundrada.rm)1990Gundrada.rm[Gundrada appears in the Children's ITV studio just before Knightmare starts.]26 kB
Download this file (1990Scally.rm)1990Scally.rm[The end of a Wotsits advert, then Scally introduces Knightmare Series 4, Episode 3.]129 kB
Download this file (1990Scally2.rm)1990Scally2.rm[Scally introducing Series 4, Episode 7.]24 kB
Download this file (1991AdvertIntro.rm)1991AdvertIntro.rm[An advert for Kellogg's Honey Nut Loops, followed by the ITV Children's corporate ident, followed by Tommy Boyd introducing Knightmare]312 kB
Download this file (1991BookAdvert.rm)1991BookAdvert.rm[(Vid) The new Knightmare book available from all good bookshops, plus Tommy says he plays golf with Treguard!]117 kB
Download this file (1991KnightmareNext.rm)1991KnightmareNext.rm[(Vid) Knightmare NEXT on Children's ITV (episode 2). Thames Television (London).]55 kB
Download this file (1991NewSeriesIntro.rm)1991NewSeriesIntro.rm[(Vid) Tommy Boyd introduces the 5th season of Knightmare on Children's ITV... followed by Treguard's greeting.]210 kB
Download this file (1991NiceAndDark.rm)1991NiceAndDark.rm[Tommy recommending that the best way to watch Knightmare was to draw the curtains, make it nice and dark and turn up the volume on the TV! (Just before episode 2)]59 kB
Download this file (1991StartEnd.rm)1991StartEnd.rm[(Vid) A Knightmare programme enquiries address card after Episode 2. Tommy switches the lights back on. Also, the entry to Episode 3 is disrupted due to technical problems - the first 40 seconds were not broadcast. Tommy fills in.]361 kB
Download this file (1992VoiceoverIdent.rm)1992VoiceoverIdent.rm[(Vid) Sometimes, idents and voiceovers were used instead of presenters, as demonstrated here at the end of Series 6, Episode 1 of Knightmare.]59 kB
Download this file (1993Trailer.rm)1993Trailer.rm[(Vid) A CITV trailer followed by an introduction to Series 7, Episode 13.]149 kB
Download this file (1994KnightmareNext.rm)1994KnightmareNext.rm[(Vid) The trailers just before the first episode of Series 8, including 'Knightmare Next'.]373 kB
Download this file (1994UnusualTrailer.rm)1994UnusualTrailer.rm[(Vid) An unusual plug for next week's Knightmare, shown straight after the second episode.]69 kB
Download this file (2003CiTVBirthday.rm)2003CiTVBirthday.rm[(Vid) Knightmare featured on Children's ITV's 20 anniversary celebration show on 3rd January 2003.]398 kB

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