Dungeon leadership contest game.

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Dungeon leadership contest game.

Post by Mashibinbin » Sun Jun 23, 2019 9:59 am

Ok, I admit this game proposal may fall flatter and quicker on it's backside than one to ban chocolate but here goes...we're going to have a hustings for leader of the dungeon!

If you want to take part, pm me and I will give you a randomly selected dungeon denzien to campaign for. I have a list numbered and a random number generator will do the rest. Once I have a reasonable number of responses we can then start to whittle down and debate between them. There are 40 names on the list so the more entrants the more likely you'll see the natural contenders emerge but it'll still be good to see some obscure chances have some time in the spotlight! :) The list is as follows and was compiled in no particular order:

1. Stiletta.
2. Motley.
3. Lord Fear.
4. Treguard.
5. Merlin.
6. Mogdred.
7. Hordriss.
8. Sylvester Hands.
9. Lissard.
10. Pickle.
11. Majida.
12. Romana.
13. Smirkenorff.
14. Snapper Jack.
15. Julius Scaramonger.
16. Elita.
17. Velda.
18. Sidriss.
19. Gwendoline.
20. Captain Neamanour.
21. Motley.
22. Lillith.
23. Fatilla.
24. Cedric.
25. Gretel.
26. Mellisandre.
27. McGrew.
28. Morghanna.
29. Brother Mace.
30. Honesty Bartram.
31. Raptor.
32. Scarkill.
33. Pixel.
34. Sir Hugh de Witless.
35. Greystagg.
36. Ah Wok.
37. Rothberry.
38. Marta.
39. Brother Strange.
40. Maldame.

To start off we have...

Number 17: Velda

"It's obvious the dungeon has become a much more dangerous place with the watchers not on hand to witness the worst machinations of the opposition. Many try to cross over to the Vale of Vanburn and they are fools to try this! I have a trusty crossbow and I'm not afraid to use it. I'm not averse either to confront others and am well suited to kick off this campaign but do not try to summon me!"

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