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Posted: Wed Dec 10, 2003 7:13 pm
by Malefact
The Gruagach observed them from his Pool Of Veracity with annoyance and contempt.
"They should not be here," it spat. Their presence was indeed causing the Regression to collapse. More and more of them were winking back into existance.

The Gruagach set to work once more on his tiles. Faster and faster moved his hands until they were no more than a blur. It began to cackle.

"What is that doing here?" muttered Hordriss.
"I hunger for knowledge," rumbled the Brollochan once again.

Suddenly, the Brollochan's hideous laughter began to rattle around the ruins they were standing in.
"What's that?" asked Elita nervously. Hordriss did not reply, however. His face was frozen in fear.

The Brollochan finished rearranging the tiles. It gazed at the new pattern and chuckled.
"I should have known the Golden Ratio would be in it," it muttered to itself. It waved its hand over the tiles to activate the magic.

The wavefront spread out from the centre of the tiles. It expanded rapidly, encapsulating the entire Dungeon. Hordriss tried to spellcast but wasn't quick enough. Elita screamed as they were enveloped by it.

In less than a minute, the magic had done its work. The Dungeon had regressed. It had regressed so far back that, for all intents and purposes, Treguard had never mastered it. He had never killed the Gruagach.

The Dungeon stood empty and dark. Knightmare Castle, too, stood barren. The Gruagach, wearing a sinister grin, materialised in what might have become known as Treguard's antechamber, along with his board of tiles and Pool Of Veracity.
"That's better," it whispered to itself before breaking out into peals of hysterical laughter.

The Gruagach cast his eye over the Dungeon - every room, every corridor and every cavern. There was nothing. It was as if it had never been away.

In fact, there remained one person. He had been hidden inside an Existential Shield and, as such, was immune to the changes and totally undetectable. The Shield collapsed in on itself, as was intended, and Lord Fear emerged. He looked around in confusion.
"Dragon's Breath," he muttered.

The Gruagach, still making his Pool Of Veracity sweep of the Dungeon, sensed Fear's presence and brought his image up.
"What must one do to eliminate these pests?" it screamed.

Lord Fear's expression changed from one of confusion to amazement when the Gruagach's voice rang out across the cave he stood in.
"You are unwelcome in my Dungeon, technomancer," it spat.
"Who are you?" he called out.
"I am your worst nightmare," it chuckled menacingly.
"I see," replied Fear, non-chalant. "Well, I don't take kindly to people evicting me from my own tower, old thing, so kindly buzz off."

The Gruagach's scream of anger caused even Lord Fear to wince. In that moment, he realised what the Gruagach must be and was genuinely afraid. He knew that he had to get out fast. Away from the Dungeon and away from Knightmare Castle.

The Gruagach, shaking with rage, once again began to arrange a fresh pattern with its tiles.
"When I have finished with you," it growled, "you will be begging me to kill you."


Posted: Wed Dec 10, 2003 7:22 pm
by Malefact
[Basically, the Gruagach (the evil character from the first book who originally ruled the Dungeon) managed to cheat death (Treguard slew the Gruagach when he mastered the Dungeon) by exploiting the paradox Lord Fear and Lissard created when they imported the Mally-bous across time to feed Festus. The Mally-bous were creatures that existed in the Dungeon during the Gruagach's reign but were wiped out - the reason for which we can explain at the end of the story in a nice, circular arguement. :)  The idea is that the Gruagach observed Fear and Lissard stealing the creatures and investigated where they came from and discovered its fate. So, it changed time itself to stop that happening. The result is that Treguard never came to Knightmare Castle, mastered the Dungeon and slew the Gruagach. Another result of that is that none of the characters ever existed. The only exception is Lord Fear, who shielded himself from the effects. It is up to him to find Treguard (who will know nothing of this because he hasn't mastered the Dungeon) and get him to help. By destroying the Gruagach and his tiles, the damage will be undone and the Dungeon will return to normal. I need to reread the original book to get some details on Treguard's character and background, to avoid continuity errors.



Posted: Wed Dec 10, 2003 8:51 pm
by Lord_Bob
Lord Fear realised his mistake immediatly, the Gruagach spun around his tiles and a fresh pattern emerged, before Fear could even raise his hand he felt himself being swept away into the Gruagach's grip. Fear knew that he would've been better of being shifted out of phase than whatever would happen now. Meanwhile in an unknown location, a man named Treguard had awoken...


Posted: Wed Dec 10, 2003 9:27 pm
by Malefact
[Fear must survive and solicit Treguard's help, otherwise there's no way the story can proceed. :D

I can't remember whether Treguard was a knight in the original book, or whether he earned his knighthood by mastering the Dungeon. I also hope that we can use characters from the original book, such as Brian of Gascony and Folly, plus nasties such as the Black Knight (I think?) and the Green Eye - but, again, I need to reread the book to get the exact details. I go home for the Christmas holidays on Friday so I'll be able to do that then.]


Posted: Wed Dec 10, 2003 9:40 pm
by Lord_Bob
The man called Treguard awoke and stretched himself, he dressed and got his breakfast, he began to eat it. He had no idea that many miles away then his future nemisis was in the clutches of the most fierced beast ever to stalk the land, the Gruagach.
    Lord Fear was not used to being the one in the clutches of evil, it was usually hapless dungeoneers in the clutches of HIS evil. He finally knew what it was like for those stupid children who blundered through the dungeon only to be crushed in an instant. He didn't wish to go down without a fight though and as the Gruagach swung him around then he grabbed his wand from off the floor and spellcasted a very painful spell on to one of his clawed arms, the Gruagach let out ascream of pain and fear bolted out of the room before it could recover. The Gruagach's anger in the aftermath was so great the dungeon shook with his fury


Posted: Sat Dec 20, 2003 11:19 pm
by Malefact
The BLINK spell had the desired effect and Fear emerged outside Knightmare Castle. This strange, new reality was one which he would have to come to terms with rapidly. He had read the fables. He had read about the reality of the Dungeon and the reality connected to it. There was only one thing he could do, loathe as he was to do it.
"I must find Treguard," he muttered.

Treguard sat is his gaol cell, a sad and dishevelled figure. His beard and hair had overgrown and his shabby tunic was filthy and torn. Every couple of days, a guard would toss his meal of bread and meat at him. He drank stagnant water. He was deliberately kept weak to make sure he wasn't a threat - these were Vestan's orders. He had asked why he wasn't to be put to death after his failed attempt to retake Knightmare Castle. His captors had decided to see him slowly rot away rather than enjoy the relative luxury of a quick death.


Posted: Sat Dec 20, 2003 11:43 pm
by Lord_Bob
Treguard coughed and a few drops of blood spilt onto the rancid floor of the gaol. The guard let out a snide comment but Treguard felt so nauceos he didn't hear it. He collapsed onto the floor and blacked out.
 Lord Fear surveyed the new dungeon. He did not know which phase it was in but he thought it might be before even the first phase, anything between the first and third phase. He looked for some landmark for familiarity and saw the tree which marked the start of the road to Wolfenden. He followed the path and instead of finding Wolfenden at the end he saw.......


Posted: Tue Jul 27, 2004 9:51 pm
by Billy
...miles and miles and miles of forest. Trees stretching as far as the eye could see. Lord Fear blinked in astonishment- could this really have become Wolfenden? The trees must all have been eradicated and houses built in their places between now and the constuction of the town...but when did they go? Maybe this area was originally part of Wolfglade? What was the path doing there if it didn't lead to anywhere? So many questions, and he couldn't answer any- even if he had only the faintest idea about one of them, he might be able to find out where he is. But before he had time to think, a voice rang out.
"Hoi!" said this voice. "Who are you, and what are you doing standing there?"
Lord Fear turned to see this stranger. Could it be...

[Was checking some old threads and realised this story was never completed. Come on, folks, we can do it!]


Posted: Thu Jul 29, 2004 12:48 pm
by Raven
The eyeless sockets, the bleached white bone, it floated there, hovering sinisterly.
" What?" Cried Fear
The skull began to attack Lord Fear, repelling his magic, biting at him. More began to appear, their long dead faces content on killing.
" Noooo! You are supposed to serve me!" Yelled Fear, as he began to fall to the ground. His face was dripping with blood, before his head hit the floor and he breathed hus last breath.
" Ooh... Nasty." Came an amused voice.


Posted: Thu Sep 08, 2005 12:40 am
by Drassil
[Since the aim was for Lord Fear to find Treguard, team up with him to destroy the Gruagach and his tiles, and thereby resurrect the Dungeon, killing off Lord Fear somewhat prevented the story from continuing. This is a shame, as it still had potential. I'm going to try and give it an ending, because it deserves one. Perhaps not a widely pleasing one, but an ending nonetheless:]


"Aa... wha...?" The man awoke - from a dream that had showed him the past, exposed the future, and depicted a present that could never be. And for all its detail and richness, the dream had ended in a moment, like the bursting of a bubble. A nourishing and refreshing concoction, but seemingly destined to be as ephemeral as its predecessors - the man's dream, then, was much like the tea he'd just been brought. He flashed a trademark grin at the lady (who'd seemed amused at the sight of him napping), before she left him to ten minutes of peace.

As the man sipped from the cup - the tea mingled oddly with the lingering taste of the Malibu he'd imbibed at lunchtime - something caught his eye on the table: one of the Knightmare books he'd borrowed from a friend. He smiled again, but far more knowingly this time. He'd salvaged the tapestry before all the stitches had unravelled; he'd saved the dream before it disappeared.

When the tea was finished, the man stood. He checked himself in the mirror, then he left the room. Corridors took him onward... then a portal... and then he was gazing upon his own fortress, absorbing the good-natured murmurings of his subjects, and watching the approach of his assistants. He was experiencing fortunes that the dream-Treguard failed to regain; but he wouldn't forget. The dream had shown him the depth, the power. Even if people never knew, even if people never understood, the man would have Knightmare sparkling in his mind like a multi-faceted jewel, fuelling his imagination and his passion for a long time to come.

Pat Sharp turned to the audience. "Welcome to Fun House, kids!"


Posted: Fri Nov 04, 2005 7:53 pm
by Emii
[Wow...a story that lasted over 2 years...and we waited over a year for the actual ending!! Though I doubt many were twiddling their thumbs in anticipation...I like it, though!]


Posted: Sat Nov 05, 2005 10:58 am
by Becxsmagic
Methinks we should get another started soon... ;)
Never taken part in one of these...sounds like fun!


Posted: Sun Nov 06, 2005 11:42 am
by Emii
Hmmm...could do...