Series 6 Episode 2

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Re:Series 6 Episode 2

Post by darkDescender » Mon Apr 18, 2005 11:37 am

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the episode discussion threads...

So, we begin with a missing sound effect in the opening titles before we resume the resumption of hostilities. Aftera scroll clue, team decides on Firestone and Moondust. A stormgit chases them into Beardovisio(tm) which leads to an encounter with Motters and Sackless. A wonderfull Demo of Magic for Dummies ensues and it's amazing just how innocently foolish Sackless actualy is. Sackless accidently summons a pooka and Motters Kills it with some fancy-pants talk and moondust. Sackless gifts SAMURAI spell as thanks and we move on. Spyglass sequence debuts Greystagg, who is surely the best witch ever. Much better than any of those posers in he-man. Not mentioning any names, of course. *coughsorceresscough* Anyway, Fear calls 'Ands a piece of walking detritus, which I find quite funny. I spend several minutes giggling like a schoolgirl. Then Fear lends a hand to the proceedings. Through Beardo to a room featuring 'Ands and 'is rope. After some lovely interaction on Matt's part, the SAMURAI is used to subdue 'Ands who parts with witch amber and a password. Are we still keeping up at the back, there? Good. Past the Dreadnaught with the big, deep, booming voice and into an intermission. Resume with the annoying witch who takes amber and gives aid. Team reaches causeway and I'm pretty sure they'll...Ah, Hell's bells! They fell. I think it was a rip-off. Maybe I'm biassed. Who cares? Team are sent home before Sumaya shows. Treguard tries to frighten her, and succeeds. And no, Gullible is not in the dictionary. At least as far as I know. Pickle the critic before Team choose shield and time out in tunnels with Sackless. I would vote for Matt in the 'Sexiest male dungeoneer/advisor' thread, but I won't, seeing as I'm not the sort of person who goes around pointlessly revving old threads.
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Re:Series 6 Episode 2

Post by Selphie » Thu Dec 27, 2007 8:04 pm

"We've nothing powerful enough to save you Matt - run for it!" Brilliant! The hand was good and after that I always got slightly disappointed whenever the hand didn't come after then after a spyglass sequence ;). Better then the red eyes to terminate the sequence I think.

This team were good, yes I think they did overstep a bit on the causeway but I think they could have got away with it; it looked a bit odd how Matt's foot was slightly off the edge and then they filmed the death which looked silly the way he completely overbalanced. I wonder if there was a bit of the 'the first team can never win' mentality here? I can't see them being in losing status since I don't think they put a foot wrong (pun fully intended ;)) until that point. Shame they never made it to level 3, I liked them. The drumming before the death still makes me tense up because I know full well what's about to happen when it starts.
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Re: Series 6 Episode 2

Post by JamesA » Sat Feb 19, 2011 9:51 am

A moment after Lord Fear attempted to grab him:

Matt: "What.... what came after me?"
Team: "A hand."

Imagine potential dialogue in the next room!

Matt: "What.... what's coming for me now?"
Team: "Sylvester Hands!"
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Re: Series 6 Episode 2

Post by Canadanne » Mon Nov 21, 2011 11:44 pm

I love the bit where Matt comes within a hair's breadth of swearing as he knocks something off the clue stump. *g*

Also amused by Sumayya's advisor telling her "Down below is a dropping. Where you can drop down." As opposed to a recently discarded horse dropping, or remnants thereof.

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