Series 4 Episode 10

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Re:Series 4 Episode 10

Post by HarveyTowers » Mon Aug 16, 2004 7:10 pm

Missed the first five mins of this ep

This team choose to free Mellisandre from the stocks instead of staying with Gundrana, although Mellie didn’t actually directly help them (this is unfortunately becoming a bit of a habit)

Then had a bit of a tough set of riddles in that they were unsure whether to give the answers or their opposites (they got the jist of question 2 although they had no idea about the other 2)

The team didn’t receive the magic – it wasn’t written in the spell book (I guess Merlin was still speaking in opposites.

Although it is now difficult to spot losing status (although missing the spell would secure it) but this team have been heading for disaster.

And enter Dickon…

Picked the crown and met Dooris where they scored 3 out of 3.

Rather nice landscape showing a moat to finish.
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Re:Series 4 Episode 10

Post by Core » Mon Aug 16, 2004 7:27 pm

I think Vicki's 3 advisors didnt guide vicki well especally in level 2. Ok I got myself mixed up with Merlins questions. Its all went coo coo up in my head. But back to the guideing. Even if Vicki didnt have the Sprint spell, it properly woudnt matter cos it takes good guideing to get Vicki through the B&T like a peace of cake.

I wonder if the Sprint spell was for Areatnie the Spider, cant spell her name so correct me if am wrong.
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Re:Series 4 Episode 10

Post by FrightKnight » Mon Aug 16, 2004 8:15 pm

Easily the most confusing scene in Km, Merlin's opposites riddles. I knew a couple of the answers, but really, it's headache time.
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Re:Series 4 Episode 10

Post by TheBrollachan » Mon Aug 16, 2004 8:36 pm

Specific episode discussion only! Please find the right thread.
A thread already exists: ... readid=439

I think Merlin confused everyone, even I had trouble in understanding what he said.
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Re:Series 4 Episode 10

Post by darkDescender » Tue Aug 17, 2004 11:07 am

First things first. Spent about 10 minutes worrying as to wether or not I'd see this ep due to storm interfearence.
Started of with a cameo from Jeremy Beadle. Then into the wellway room for another cameo from a young John Prescott!Met Gundrada in the next room. For some reason the poor girl started to walk forwards. Maybe she was folowing Gundrada's voice? Anyway, walking straight towards the pool....
Ahem. Moving swiftly on. Met Melly. Freed her from the stocks causing Gundrada to storm off. ( No pun intended)Opposites chamber next. Team got very, very, very confused. I believe the answers were...
Turned into a pumpkin
Julius Caeser
If I'm wrong, and I probably am, then may Ritz strike me down. Block and tackle + failed riddles = death.
Dickon next, and I think we probably will be treated to Pickles outrageously suggestive coment of "Dickon's gotthe horn, master", but the isn't Pickle just one big walking innuendo when it all comes down to it? Think about that one before you answer.
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Re:Series 4 Episode 10

Post by SrWilson3S » Tue Aug 17, 2004 11:47 pm

I still belive the SPRINT spell was for ariadne ;)

And that they could have done the block and tackle just like other teams had before but they panicked so ...... heh.

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Re:Series 4 Episode 10

Post by ross » Thu Feb 03, 2005 3:31 pm

Very confusing. The fact that it was never used again sort of suggests that this team was unlucky.

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Re:Series 4 Episode 10

Post by Billy » Tue May 16, 2006 5:36 am

Allow me to punch the air with a joyful "Yeeeeeesss!" as I now have all of Series 4 on tape, just in time. Remember when I said episode 8 was weird? Well, it isn't a patch on this.

"Aah, don't they look sweet and helpless?" says Treguard, referring to Vicki & Co. WHAT?! Who are you, and what have you done with the real Treguard? Maybe he just had too much bubble bath today and is feeling all cutesy, or something.

Ah-ha, that's why! Fireguard, Treguard's evil twin (better known as the Ogre) is prowling round the dungeon. He growls a bit before Vicki gives him the bracelet she's carrying, which he seems to like so clears off. The panic continues when they hurriedly tell Vicki to run past the Giant Lizard, and then onto Fatilla, who's also in a very odd mood today - he appears to have got a job as the Level 1 Bouncer, stating that Vicki can't go in the well unless she's on The List. Except he can't read it, so asks her if she's on it..."Say yes, Vicki" the team say, immediately. Heck knows who else was on there, in the four years of KM so far we've never seen anyone other than dungeoneers who have been down there. Anyway, Fatilla asks for a tip, and Vicki picks him up and throws him off screen...nah, she gives him a key, which she says is a magic key that can open every door. Why, it must be the son of Casper!

The team enter Level 2 in the weirdest way ever - you see the sky getting further away as we go down the well, then a mid shot of Vicki floating down in mid-air to Gundrada's Glen, which is just too good (/subtle joke). Gundrada's also been affected by Merlin's Madness, as she thinks Vicki's a dwarf (with a helmet on?!) and goes to chop her head off. The team panic, and almost, almost plunge Vicki in the gaping pit in the middle..."STOP!!" they all scream in unison, probably the biggest on the decibel scale until Rebecca and Co tackle the runes in Series 8, which actually broke the glass on my TV ("This is, of course, a complete lie"). They eventually convince her, and Gundrada tries this advising lark for herself, guiding Vicki into a safer place and then manoeuvring her out the room.

Oh, go away Melly. The 'barbarian's' coming to get you, is he? Even though we've just seen him happy with his job as a bouncer? And, yes, you want out that Thing That Constrains People? We fell for this before, and all you did was steal one of the dungeoneer's items and run off. The team are given a choice - stick with Gundrada, or help out Mellisandre? They fall for Melly's scheme, so Gundrada storms out in a huff, probably thinking "I can't work with these amateurs!". And Melly...goes with them to the next room and clears off again. Yeah, good move team. Although she does help them out the room, repeating the 'I'm not getting any older' stuff from last time. What sounds like Treguard chuckles halfway through.

Everyone is messed up in this episode. But it is by far Merlin who is mostly affected, after all it's him where Merlin's Madness comes from. Last time we saw him he'd lapsed into sanity and asked the dungeoneer a straightforward riddle, ala the old days. Whereas now, HE'S GONE TOTALLY ROUND THE BEND MENTAL. "Don't sit down" he says, "I'm not the guardian". No, you're not The Telegraph either. This is also "not the Chamber of Opposite Extraction". Nurse, nurse!! The team stare in silence, and he gives them riddles. Pickle hints that you have to answer the opposite of what the real answers are, to humour him. I swear I heard Tim Child say "John, what the hell are you doing? Stick to the script!" at one point.

The first riddle they get wrong. Then the second. "Falsehood" says Merlin on both counts..."Does that mean we're right?" says one of the advisors. They're confused. I'm confused. Probably so is John Woodnutt, and quite a few of the five million watchers. His final riddle asks who didn't have to worry about the Ides of March, and the team, completely given up by now, say the March of Ides. "What?" says the dungeoneer, now also baffled. Falsehood again, so Merlin gives them a spell, SPRINT. So has he given them a SLOW spell, or what? The status bar shows no spell at all. What in god's name is going on?

They die in the next room, the Block and Tackle again. Except it seems they could have easily done it without whatever spell they had or didn't have, they just messed the directions up and had Vicki faff about on the spot for a bit. They're hit by a block and the ::) breaks up, with real life ::)-cracking sounds (and to think, fifteen years later the BBC removed a similar sound effect from primetime Saturday Night Doctor Who). The team stare at each other, then at Treguard, and are DISMISSED. "Strange, because its not the opposition that confused you, merely the opposites". Shove off, Treg.

The next team's dungeoneer is a chap called Dickon. "Pardon?" ponders Pickle. "Dickon" says Treguard. What is this, Carry On Knightmare? They choose the crown quest, and face the obligatory Bore Monster (who's mouth seems to have been composited in wrong today, it's oddly green tinged. Maybe she's just ate something that disagreed with her) and we time out. Treguard scary as hell as he asks us whether he thinks it's a game. Of course it is.

Isn't it?

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Re:Series 4 Episode 10

Post by Akerbie » Sat Aug 11, 2007 10:39 pm

This was a bit unfair! I was confused by this, but then again Backgammon confuses me.

I didn't understand this at all. If I was the dungeoneer, I would've booked my place on the next bus before the quest had ended. Okay that's not true. I would've got somebody else to do it.

The Block And Tackle, huh! I love this room soooooo much. It has been more fatal than Motley's jokes, well almost!

This room always seemed to get panic going which I just loved. They were the best bits, where you're in your chair moving from side to side, shouting at the TV hoping the dugeoneer would do the smart thing! lol
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Re:Series 4 Episode 10

Post by knightmaredave » Mon Dec 17, 2007 2:40 am

well i think this team deserved to die they were rather were disorganised. their death was rather nasty "BLOCKED" but well magic would have saved them according to treguard but i think LUCK would have beeen a better word

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Re: Series 4 Episode 10

Post by Maud » Mon Feb 01, 2016 10:27 pm

I thought the sequence of animations including the giant lizard and through the first few locations in Level 2 was one of the better ones of this series. Some of the guiding on Level 2 was quite erratic, not least on the Block and Tackle. Not that I can talk! We weren't even told the name of the room until we watched the rest of the series when it was broadcast. I think the Merlin questions were too hard but I've said elsewhere that with hindsight the puzzles were uneven and sometimes plain unfair.

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Re: Series 4 Episode 10

Post by Drassil » Sat Nov 04, 2017 2:58 pm

The Series 4 Team 5 advisors deserve credit for co-ordinating with the antechamber lighting.
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