The Knightmare RPG was run by Adam Battersby, most recently in 2001. Here, we give a brief summary of the RPG and what it entailed as well as an archive of previous quests.

The RPG was held in the Knightmare Chat Room, utilising a Magic Mirror to display real-time quest pictures and, in 2001, video.

In this section you can read the RPG rules, logs from the first two seasons, and see adverts for the RPG.

Knightmare Chat continues to run on Sunday evenings.


Interactive Knightmare RPG Rules and Information

Chat Room:

  1. Watchers are welcome, but must not interfere with the RPG while in progress. Watchers may 'message' the RPG operators if they are unsure what is happening. The RPG operators are marked with a @ symbol next to their username. However, watchers MUST NOT provide assistance to any contestant in relation to the RPG.
  2. Watchers who interfere with the RPG session will firstly be warned. Continued interference will result in a KICK from the session. Further repetition will result in a BAN.
  3. Contestants and watchers should be in the chat room by 7:15pm at the latest so the RPG can commence on time. The RPG runs for approximately 60 minutes until around 8:30pm, when the chat room will be open for general Knightmare chat. Unfinished quests will continue at 7:25pm on the following Sunday.
  4. Reproduction of any material written or visual stimuli without written consent by any of the persons involved is strictly prohibited.


  1. The Magic Mirror is used to display pictures and video during the RPG, and necessary to get anywhere in the game. In order to view it as intended, please make sure you are using Internet Explorer 5.0 (or above) and have RealPlayer Basic installed, and your screen size set to 800x600.


  1. RPG teams can be composed of 2 or 3 members.
  2. No dungeoneer is involved as such, but a virtual dungeoneer is used (i.e. you say what you want to do).
  3. The Life Force is not as important as on the TV show, but is mentioned when errors are made or food is picked up.
  4. Each team member must type their text in the default (black) format and not any other colour as different colours are used to illustrate different characters.
  5. Contestants must confer their decisions to their team members using the normal chat window, and not by individual messaging (this is for logging purposes and for the enjoyment of others).
  6. Team members MUST NOT ask for help from any chat room users other than their own team members.

Advance game play information:

  1. Do not take weapons of your enemies unless you deem is utterly necessary.
  2. You can hold up to two items at any time, but occasionally you may be gifted with a magical object which does not count as an item.
  3. You can possess as many spells as you like in the RPG but you only have enough MANNA to cast three spells maximum.
  4. Dictionaries, calculators and other related equipment should not be used. It's cheating!
  5. A team should be composed of members with different skills e.g. mathematical, general knowledge, skilled at brainteasers or puzzles.
  6. If you reach the end of a level and still have any items your should abandon them. They will not prove useful in the level below.
  7. The object of your quest is determined in at the start of your quest.
  8. Often, different paths will be available to you. Depending on which path you take, the outcome of your quest will be affected.
  9. If you lose in a quest, you should restrain yourself from being abusive to ANYONE AT ALL. Failure to comply will result in a warning, followed b

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