The Official Newsletter of the Knightmare Adventurers Club

Volume 3 - Number 1


Greetings, Adventurers, and a very Happy Christmas! Well, by now you will be well and truly stuck into the new series of Knightmare, isn't it brilliant?! I really think that the Production team have excelled themselves this time, Lord Fear's new world is quite the most horrid and frightening place that he could have dreamt up... ugh! I can just smell those damp sewers can't you?

And talking of smells, Lissard must have bad breath for His Nastiness to complain about it. There are so many new characters in the dungeons it is hard to choose a favourite but don't you just love Rothberry the apothecary? With all those pills and potions it never ceases to amaze me that he has just the right one at the right time for our poor helpless dungeoneer.

And what about Raptor? He has certainly whipped those goblins into shape. Romahna has taken over as Smirky's bodyguard and I know that I wouldn't want to mess with her - I wonder what happened to her face... Please write and let me know who your favorites are and why - I'll print the best letters in the next issue, and don't forget to keep sending me your pictures and jokes.

In this issue there are all the regular features and some exclusive interviews with newcomers to the scene. I have also managed to borrow the team's diary from the studio and have printed the best bits so that you can see how it really feels to be miles from home and set upon by Lord F. Thanks go to all the teams who contributed this year, the standard was so high that we are going to be hard pushed to beat them next year - or can you prove me wrong?

Turn to the back page for the best ideas in Christmas presents, lots of Knightmare goodies including the board game to keep the whole family well and truly spellbound over the Christmas holiday. Till the New Year, good adventuring!

Stop Press!

We have just heard from the Powers That Be at ITV that there will be a new series of Knightmare next year - stay tuned!

Wilf Wright



Special Christmas Issue

Smirk with Smirkenorff by Arlo Wörts


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