Paul McIntosh helped to launch a 'Bring Back Knightmare' campaign through The Eye Shield, which was logged assiduously on the site.

Note that this campaign has now been superceded and resides on its own website at

The campaign history includes a review of Knightmare's end, comments from fans in the petition, and the responses received from television companies.

Available here in full, or in its components.

Download this file (1313_BBK1_Index.pdf)1313_BBK1_Index.pdf[1. The contents page of the campaign]59 kB
Download this file (1313_BBK2_WhyDidItEnd.pdf)BBK2 Why Did It End.pdf[2. TES investigates Knightmare's ending in 1994]58 kB
Download this file (1313_BBK3_A_Brief_History.pdf)1313_BBK3_A_Brief_History.pdf[3. A brief history of the progress made with the campaign]61 kB
Download this file (1313_BBK4_The_New_Campaign.pdf)1313_BBK4_The_New_Campaign.pdf[4. Weighing up the options]69 kB
Download this file (1313_BBK5_WhereToWriteTo.pdf)BBK5 Where To Write To.pdf[5. The all-important names and addresses of those in command]59 kB
Download this file (1313_BBK6_Responses.pdf)1313_BBK6_Responses.pdf[6. Replies from television channels]85 kB
Download this file (1313_BBK7_Petition.pdf)1313_BBK7_Petition.pdf[7. The petition itself, and its grand total]57 kB
Download this file (1313_BBK8_PetitionComments1.pdf)BBK8 Petition Comments 1.pdf[8. Comments made by petitioners about Knightmare and the campaign]157 kB
Download this file (1313_BBK9_PetitionComments2.pdf)BBK9 Petition Comments 2.pdf[9. Further comments by petitioners]162 kB
Download this file (1313_BBK_Full.pdf)1313_BBK_Full.pdf[The full TES Bring Back Knightmare campaign history]447 kB

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