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Past guestbook entries between August - November 1999


Relly cool site. Loved it. Brought back all the memories.

Bubba Bobobbins
Sun, 1 Aug 99


Heh - I watched Knightmare ever since it's first show, and as soon as I was old enough to play the game myself, I applied.

Deej, SE. UK
Sun, 1 Aug 99


I am so pleased that I decided to do a search for my favourite ever show there has ever been. I watched every single series as i was growing up, and i have a great majority of episodes on tape (sadly not all in the same place). This site is a brilliant dedication to the series i loved for so long. It was a crime when they took it off, and replaced it with that virtual reality show that lasted less than a series by my memory...

Sci-Fi channel did a brilliant job, allowed me to tape the early series which, in my opinion, were the best. I talk too much... though I'd love to talk to anyone about Knightmare :)

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Portsmouth
Wed, 4 Aug 99


I just read all of the stuff about series 1 to 4! Quite a big change from series 3 to 4, I remember those 2 series so well but never realised they were 1989 and 1990! I was only 7 and 8 then, and it just doesn't seem like that long ago! I thought the dice room was more recent than that! I remember one team said "roll the die" and i was like, what do they mean "die?!" and my older brother had to explain! hahaha.

And the boat ride - i thought that was from like series 7 or 8! I can't wait to read about series 5-8 as i seem to have more recollection of 3 and 4 than the later ones! The Block and Tackle room was great, that bloke who said "side-step to the left" - what a fool, I bet he felt so embarrassed when it was on TV, and the other 3 must have wanted to strangle him!

Sun, 8 Aug 99


Wow, I never knew there was a website on Knightmare. It was such a cool program. I'm 16 years old. What I remember is the way the Dungeon Master froze the people at the end of the programme, and the eye-shield sequences in forests where doors were black rectangles.

Mon, 9 Aug 99


Hi, Anyone wanting copies of Knightmare email me and I see what I can do for you. I have episodes Series 1 2-4 and Series 2 2-5. An episode from the last series. The episode featuring Sophia and the very last episode from Season 7. I remember when a brick wall used to block a path to the next level and a talking tree.

Sun, 22 Aug 99


Sarah: Knightmare was a great show! Although I was only little at the time it was on, I can still remember it and I wish it was still on at this time!

Mark: Had a ninth series been made in '95, I could have made a team that was old enough to apply for the show.

Mark & Sarah Hemingway, Carlisle
Fri, 27 Aug 99


Hi. My name is Paul Boland and I was leader of the first Irish team to apply for Knightmare and to be successful in an application. My team consisted of my sister, Julie, and my two friends, Minhquen and Jerry. We left Waterford, in the south of Ireland, and travelled by ship, trains and bus all the way to Anglia House in Norwich. There we took part in our audition. A Knightmare type problem was described to my team and we had to say how we would deal with the problem. The audition took all of twenty minutes, then it was the 24hour journey back home.

Months went by and we awaited word that we had passed the audition, every day watching the postman come and go, but nothing came. At the end of Summer, my dad rang the Knightmare studios to find out what had happened; it turned out that we had passed the audition and were picked to appear on the show but we never received the phone call due to my mother getting ill.

However, all was not lost. To make up for the disappointment, we were given VIP status and invited to go to the Knightmare Studios next year as VIP's to see the show been made. The next year, we went. When we got to the Knightmare Studios, it was lunch time so we joined the cast, teams and crew for lunch. As we entered the cafeteria, there, standing in line with a robe on to protect his clothes, was Hugo "Treguard" Myatt himself. I was never so excited in all my life.

After lunch, we were given a guided tour of the studios. We saw all the costumes, the make up department, all the computer hardware, all the props, including Smirkenorff and Lord Fears pool of essence. We saw the blue room where the Dungeoneer walks around and anti-chamber where Treguard and co reside.

After the tour, we took a seat and watched as a team were filmed working their way through the dungeon depths of level 3. And luck was smiling on us that day, as the team won! It was the first all girl team to win. I got photos taken with cast and on the sets, I got autographs and I got a special gift pack from everyone at Knightmare. And to top it all off, the following year, I was invited back again as a VIP and I had the time of my life. Unfortunately, that year also marked the end of Knightmare.

I miss the show terribly. While I have become a huge fan of Star Trek, I still hold Knightmare in a special place in my heart. I have the photos, the autographs, the gifts and the memories. I would love to see Knightmare make a return. It was, without a doubt, the best television show ever created.

Paul Boland, Waterford, Ireland
Wed, 1 Sep 99


Until I found this site I could only remember that I used to love Knightmare, but not much about it. Now I keep remembering more and more; I distinctly remember seeing the change from drawn/painted backgrounds to real ones and thinking how much better it was before, but I hadn't realised just how long ago it was! I love all the information here, but the more I read, the more I want to see the programme again!

Jodi Bailey, Isle of Wight
Mon, 6 Sep 99


Brilliant, this show moulded my childhood. Bring it back and bring it back now. All those young layabouts need a great sword and sorcery show to stretch their imaginations

Rob Mercel Dunstable
Sun, 3 Oct 99


Congratulations on a brilliant site Nicholas, it's good to see that Knightmare still lives on in the hearts of every true fan. Did anybody else think that the auditions were harder than the actual show? I auditioned twice but was never successful, yet every year while watching it it was blindingly obvious to me what objects to take and where to go but the teams seemed to be so thick. I could have won every year from my bloody armchair, but I suppose there's more pressure onwhen you're in the studio.

PS. I agree with Phil Colvin, Aesandre was also my favourite character (Lord Fear a close second) and I thought it was a shame they didn't make more use ofher during the series, I think she only appeared twice. She should have stayed for series 6 and 7, there were no more truly evil sorceresses after that. I think Knightmare - The Movie should have been the natural progression for the series and would have been really successful if done properly. You should put apetition on your site for this and maybe Tim Child will see it and take the hint

Liz, North Yorkshire / West London
Thu, 7 Oct 99


When I first started watching Knightmare, all those years back, I had no idea what I was letting myself in for. It was engrossing, it didn't treat children like idiots (as most kids gameshows did, and still do) and Treguard... his name escapes me... was excellent. I can still remember my heart beating faster as the intrepid dungeonneer entered a new room. Admittedly I preferred the first few seasons, I was never fond of it when they introduced the EYE SHIELD as a regular thing, but still I was a fan... so what can you do? If only they could bring it back, it surely deserves the time slot more than anything else CITV sling out... Finders Keepers, anyone? Jesus, it makes me cringe that we have to put up with drivel like that. BRING BACK TREGUARD, THE DUNGEONEERS AND KNIGHTMARE!!!!

Allan Kidd, Edinburgh, Scotland
Fri, 8 Oct 99


I grew up watching Knightmare, and just have never managed to get it out of my head. The theme tune, the excellent concept were something else. I'm 17 now, and living in Australia currently for a few more years (am and always will be British and damn well proud of it though. :) But I really hope the rumours of it returning some time are true. It was a key part of my childhood and part of many good memories. Great work on the site!

Stuart, Australia
Sat, 9 Oct 99


I couldn't believe it when I found this website! The great pictures you have really bring back memories of the show when I used to watch it. I mostly remember being excited and afraid when the life line of the dungeoneers began to turn into a scull along with the beating sound effects. Seeing the pictures again makes me smile as I remember the times on the settee with my little brother!!

Lisa, Nottingham
Thu, 21 Oct 99


Totally amazing website for the greatest children's TV show ever. This site is so thorough it's untrue. I am soooooo impressed. I actual can't remember ever seeing a more informative website.

Emm, I'm 23 so was about 12 when Knightmare started. I lived in the UK then. I saw the very first episode and didn't miss one until about series 5. I still have some of the first series on video (and from the original showings, too). I have the first 4 books, and the Knightmare sweatshirt with the glow-in-the-dark life-force-clock logo. Of course, it doesn't fit me now. Damn, I loved that show, although I eventually lost interest by series 7.

But heck, I can still quote half the things Treguard used to say, and Folly's insults "...when your father saw your face, he left at once for the crusades", and the progress reports at the start of some of the shows "through the threat of spearpoint bright, came Simon, who's from Heckmondwyke..." etc.

I have no idea if the show would have the same magic for me if it came back today. Hey, let's make an adult version! It's gotta work! If anyone wants to mail me about (esp. the first few series of) Knightmare, feel free to.

(Mr) Keli Richards, Netherlands
Thu, 21 Oct 99


I have been a fan of Knightmare since the first series. I have bought all of the books and even the Amiga game. I am having serious trouble playing the game - as i can't get off the first level !! Any Cheats greatfully accepted !!

This website is really excellent and helps to keep Knightmare alive !! Keep up the good work !!

Susan Hubble, Sheffield UK
Fri, 22 Oct 99


I watched Knightmare first when i was just 7. ITV should never have scrapped it.

Michael Woodiwiss, Southampton
Sat, 23 Oct 99


It was just last night I was talking to various other people on the internet about this great show. Between the eight of us we could only remember the one team actually winning it. Well done on a accurate site which has brought the memories flooding back of many a Friday afternoon in front of the TV!

Phil, UK
Sun, 24 Oct 99


Just to say that Knightmare ruled. It was the greatest show in ITV and they should never have got rid of it. I wanted to be on it but I was too young.

Jacen Mikolecy, UK
Sun, 24 Oct 99




Robin John Barlow, Wallasey
Tue, 26 Oct 99


I remember cold autumn nights watching Knightmare whilst at primary school and they were simply brilliant. Knightmare is my all time favourite kids show, better than Grange Hill and Byker Grove by a long way.

Ben Ricketts
Sat, 30 Oct 99


I remember watching Knightmare on CITV. It was my all time favourite show. It brings back so many memories. Brilliant internet page. Keep it up!

Gareth Lankshear, Mountain Ash
Sun, 31 Oct 99


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! I thought I had seen the last of Knightmare, I have only just started using the web and I am delighted to find a page on my favourite TV show. It's really good.

Sidriss, England
Sun, 31 Oct 99


Knightmare is the best TV show there ever was and there ever will be. Treguard is God!

Apocalypse Nam
Mon, 1 Nov 99


Hello there! Just wanted to say I think this a superb web site - keep up the great work. I had watched Knightmare since the first series and the show remains as my favourite ever! I'm 23 now(!) but I still miss Treguard, the music and the dungeon. I especially want to know more about the French and Spanish Knightmares - would you be able to get pictures and other details?

Harjinder, London
Thu, 4 Nov 99


I haven't seen much of it, since I live in Cali, but, hey, I was pretty impressed by what I saw on the Sci-Fi channel... How awesome would a new series 9 be, using today's VR graphics... Knightmare is da bomb!

Kelly, California
Sat, 6 Nov 99


I remember when the hobgoblin appeared in series 3 (one of the later episodes), my brother and I were totally freaked for the rest of the evening. I also remember taping the later episodes of that series (none left now) and rubbing the end of the series off because back then it was soooo scary!!!!!

Andrew Buckley, Keighley
Sat, 13 Nov 99


I'd forgotten all about this, thanks it brings back loads.

Anna, Newcastle
Mon, 15 Nov 99


Absouloutly Fab website, very well designed and good use of the HTML website, also v.quick to load. Knightmare is great and should come back!!!

Sam Harvey (Madape), Leicester
Tue, 16 Nov 99


Come on! We have to launch a campaign to bring back Knightmare! Being 16, I was practically brought up on the show - I watched it all the time. Such a wonderful idea so well executed, surely we can't leave it dead? Anyone got any thoughts on this?

Craig Laycock, Lancashire
Wed, 17 Nov 99


I am at university now, but I can still remember rushing home after school to see how the dungeoneers were progressing.

Unlike any other children's TV program it purveyed a real sense of danger. That's the main reason for its popularity... Watching it you were both afraid and yet excited for the dungeoneers on their adventure through the amazing realm of the dungeon. It also made rather envious as a schoolboy...

So much so in fact that I auditioned to be on the very last series. We were not successful, but at least I can say we tried. Brilliant website, keep it up! ;-)

Steven Lee, London
Thu, 18 Nov 99