Past guestbook entries, between January-February 1999


A very good site. The graphics are great and the guestbook is impressive. The history section has great depth and is very interesting. Can't wait for the second part!

Tim Lee, London
Wed, 27 Jan 99


As a Knightmare contestant, I have to say that this site is brilliant and continues to display how truly amazing the TV show is. A worthy way to commemorate it's memory :)

Alan Boyd
Wed, 27 Jan 99


At last I've found a Knightmare site! What a great programme Knightmare was - and this is a great site to pay tribute to it. What would be really good is a life-force screensaver!

Robert Collins, Canterbury, UK
Mon, 1 Feb 99


Very impressive. I thought that this site was very informative and had a lot of very good clips and media about Knightmare which was a programme I watched as a teenager. Brilliant love the page, keep up the good work!

Haroon Rashid, London,
Tue, 2 Feb 99


Wow. Great site! I've been a fan of Knightmare for years, and this is the first web site I've found that does the show justice!

David Burns
Thu, 4 Feb 99.


Great site. I'm a professional puzzle author and games designer and remember Knightmare with great fondness.

You might like to know about a new exciting show called "Sub Zero" on BBC 2 from Feb 21st - we've designed the games for one round which is completely 3D interactive (unlike Knightmare's 2-d). This technique could go on to become the new Knightmare!

David Bodycombe, Labyrinth Games
Sun, 7 Feb 99


Knightmare... I loved the show, what brilliance, what majestic graphics. And then the series stopped. I sent off for a Knightmare application form, and unfortunately, before I could get pictures off all my friends, the closing date arrived, so my dream could not be fulfilled. I did, however, get signed photographs of the entire Knightmare team, but I lost them whilst showing them around at school. I'm now 16, and long since forgotten the Knightmare events. I would love for them to bring back a series, but alas, it won't happen. So my friend, how old are you and where do you come from? Please get back to me at the address below, and keep up the brilliant work!

Mark Taylor, Eastbourne
Sat, 6 Feb 99


Superb site covering all aspects of the program. Huge undertaking, brilliant.

Tue, 9 Feb 99


A ridiculously good web page and one whose progress I look forward to following. The one Broadsword show you don't mention anywhere was "The Satellite Game", which ran on one of short-lived satellite system BSB's channels (sorry, don't know which one). I never saw it myself, but apparently the technology used was quite similar to that used in Knightmare.

Thanks for putting in such hard work on the page!

Chris M. Dickson, Middlesbrough
Thu, 11 Feb 99


Well, I was going to start work on a Knightmare website, being by far the biggest fan of Knightmare there could ever be. It looks like I have been beaten to it. A wonderful site in every way, I hope you keep adding to the site and if you or anyone ever need to know anything at all about Knightmare, no matter how remote, then please feel free to mail. Keep up the great work

Glenn Chubb, Southwick, Sussex
Fri, 12 Feb 99


I must congratulate you on your site - it is SUPERB! I was a fan of the show for many, many years and joined the fanclub (except I got a mug not a slidy puzzle game). Very rarely does a programme interest me. Even rarer does it actually excite me, but Knightmare was one of those programmes (the only other one in recent times is Fort Boyard, the French version rather than the OK British version, which I have been watching and loving for many years... but that's another story!) This page accurately captures the great atmosphere of the show and brought back some excellent memories of the show, how great the books were, the quite odd board game, how useless I was at the Spectrum game etc... so thanks for that. I'm going to stop gushing now. Here's to the future of this great site.

Nick Gates, Cambridge
Fri, 12 Feb 99


I remember this show well, it used to get me very excited when it came on! Pity it had to end. Also a pity is the fact that none of the sound clips on your page work! But a great site Nonetheless!

DES - Ireland
Sat, 13 Feb 99


All right! I'm not the only one any more! This is John Burkhart, the original Knightmare page on the net. I'm glad to see someone who's a bit more local to the greatest show of all time on the net ;)

John Burkhart, Chicago, US
Mon, 15 Feb 99


Anyone ever actually apply to go on Knightmare? Myself and 3 friends did and got turned down to go on! There are two reasons for this I believe... 1) We were from Ipswich and AngliaTV / Norwich HATE Ipswich. 2) On our application form me and a mate put we get angry when we lose! (kids, eh?!)

Wilfie boy
Thu, 18 Feb 99.


I was talking with some friends recently about shows we used to love when we were younger and when I mentioned "Knightmare" everyone in the room went, "Yeah! That was a great show!" I've never seen a show that has such an immersive environment, with convincing actors instead of annoying "hosts". Being a kid, I was tremendously excited when I saw a team get to the final level, or devastated when a player made a stupid mistake after I had followed their progress for several weeks. Never has there been a show which will ever capture my attention in that way and I very much doubt I will have the same experience again. Axing Knighmare was the most daft thing any broadcaster has ever done, why do programmes such as "Eastenders" or "Blind Date" continue when the most fantastic programme devised is no longer with us? I've got all pent up now, so I'll stop moaning. Great site, and it brought back a lot of fond memories. Bong! Game on!

Paul Taylor
Fri, 19 Feb 99


This is a very good site and I hope it will add new hope to the Bring Back Knightmare Campaign! It was the best programme and its loss is criminal.

Ben Maydon
Sat, 20 Feb 99


Having been a contestant on Knightmare in 1988, i can honestly say that this is a great page. You can contact me if you wish for any info. See ya!!!!!

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Sun, 21 Feb 99


My god. Someone has finally had the decency to design a brilliant website for this brilliant show. Bring it back NOW!

James Allenby
Tue, 23 Feb 99


Wow! This is wicked. I've been watching Knightmare since it first started in 1987 and I can't believe that you have a web-site that is SO good. Keep up the good work. I'll be coming back to catch up on Series 3 real soon!

Claire Hampson
Wed, 24 Feb 99


BRING BACK KNIGHTMARE!!!!!!!! I loved Knightmare, even though I was in my thirties when it was on, it was the BEST children's programme ever! I used to look forward to Friday afternoons at 4.40 [it started my weekend off a treat] It just got better and better. I still have all the books, but have never managed to get past Level 2 - ho hum! PS: I think Smirkenorff was brill!!!

Heather, Lincs
Fri, 26 Feb 99


I've been a huge, huge, huge fan of the show for so many years, I had Series 6-8 on video until the tape got screwed. But I could never get a team together in time! In the end I consoled myself by writing billions of letters to the club. I made it my ambition to get a letter back from Tim Child. I *almost* succeeded, I got a letter from Susan Child and had an almost frequent correspondence with a charming lady called Margaret Hands... Ah, memories... I even have all my copies of The Quest and signed photos... Thanks for giving me the chance to reminisce. And if you want another writer for bits on the site...

Phil Colvin, Poole (Dorset)
Sun, 28 Feb 99

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