Fan contributions to this website.

A selection of Knightmare fanzines that have been produced over the years.

The Eyeshield was a Knightmare fanzine run by Paul McIntosh (December 1995 - July 2001) and Jake Collins (July 2001 - July 2011).

The Knightmare Adventurers Club was set up in 1991. For £3.95 a year, members received 'Exclusive News' on the forthcoming series on Knightmare, an 'Adventure Pack' crammed full of surprise goodies, and The Quest - the club's official newsletter.

A club flyer was sent along with any replies Broadsword gave to fan's letters, and an advertisement for the club was featured at the back of the Knightmare books from 1991-1993. (See these adverts.)

'The Quest' was the Official Newsletter of the Knightmare Adventurers Club. Members could enter exclusive competitions, send in contributions, and receive discounts on Knightmare merchandise (in the last issue). There were 10 issues of 'The Quest', with the last in summer 1995. They are all available to read here.

(The pages are reproductions of the printed version of 'The Quest'. Some bits unrelated to Knightmare have been removed, and some pictures may not be very clear, but otherwise it's as faithfully reproduced as possible.)

Where necessary, you can 'unzip' these files using Winzip.

Adam Battersby hosted the third season of the Interactive Knightmare RPG on weekends from September 2001. At present, there are no plans to run another session. Should another session take place, it will be announced on our front page.

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