Put together a collection of outtakes from Series 8 and what do you get? A funny show-reel entitled 'Slow Hand' (with music from the Pointer Sisters). Never seen on TV - but now available on this site!

Series 8 Outtakes

See below for the video and a couple of our favourite screenshots (with annotations). Enjoy!

Lord Fear: "Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way..."


"So look, let me just get this straight. They're sacking 170 people - and they're replacing them with 2,000 freelancers? Right, well, yeah that makes perfect sense. They think we live in a fantasy land? Woah, dickheads."


"Who's a good boy?" Several shots of otherwise inappropriate touching...

Setting the perspective for a Miretrog appearance (left). Catching Stiletta off-guard (right).

There's more than one way to lose your head in the Corridor of Blades! Not taking any chances, final dungeoneer Oliver manages to run through straight through the wall! Paul Boland witnessed the mishap.

The Opposition taking life very seriously. The Powers that Be taking life lightheartedly.

A rare shot of staging some dungeoneer continuity shots. Series 8 winner Dunstan is ordered to flex, while dungeoneer Nathan (Team 3) recreates his fatal fall in the fireball room. It gives some idea of how Simon's infamous "side-step left" was re-shot four years earlier.

That's a wrap! With filming completed, the production crew dress up and are all awarded leftover certificates! Also note the magic pool - blue to allow for the 'image in the pool' effect seen by the viewers, but it actually contains a monitor for the team to watch the action.

According to Alan Boyd (Series 8 Winner), there were pencils at the bottom of the 'pool' where advisors had dropped them!

Snapper Jack captures his only fool of the season. Oh, wait...

Thanks to Broadsword Television!

Download this file (S8Slowhand.rm)S8Slowhand.rm[Selection of outtakes from Series 8 in 1994 to Slow Hand by the Pointer Sisters]1054 kB

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