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Paul Boland describes his experiences auditioning for Knightmare in 1993. Paul Boland was the team captain of the first Irish team to successfully apply to take part in Knightmare.

Auditioning for Knightmare


My name is Paul Boland and I was leader of the first Irish team to apply for Knightmare and to be successful in an application. My team consisted of my sister, Julie, and my two friends, Minhquen and Jerry. We left Waterford, in the south of Ireland, and travelled by ship, trains and bus all the way to Anglia House in Norwich. There we took part in our audition. A Knightmare type problem was described to my team and we had to say how we would deal with the problem. The audition took all of twenty minutes, then it was the 24-hour journey back home.

Months went by and we awaited word that we had passed the audition, every day watching the postman come and go, but nothing came. At the end of Summer, my dad rang the Knightmare studios to find out what had happened; it turned out that we had passed the audition and were picked to appear on the show but we never received the phone call due to my mother getting ill.

However, all was not lost. To make up for the disappointment, we were given VIP status and invited to go to the Knightmare Studios next year as VIP's to see the show been made. The next year, we went. When we got to the Knightmare Studios, it was lunch time so we joined the cast, teams and crew for lunch. As we entered the cafeteria, there, standing in line with a robe on to protect his clothes, was Hugo "Treguard" Myatt himself. I was never so excited in all my life.

After lunch, we were given a guided tour of the studios. We saw all the costumes, the make up department, all the computer hardware, all the props, including Smirkenorff and Lord Fears pool of essence. We saw the blue room where the Dungeoneer walks around and anti-chamber where Treguard and co reside.

After the tour, we took a seat and watched as a team were filmed working their way through the dungeon depths of level 3. And luck was smiling on us that day, as the team won! It was the first all girl team to win. I got photos taken with cast and on the sets, I got autographs and I got a special gift pack from everyone at Knightmare. And to top it all off, the following year, I was invited back again as a VIP and I had the time of my life.

Unfortunately, that year also marked the end of Knightmare. I miss the show terribly. While I have become a huge fan of Star Trek, I still hold Knightmare in a special place in my heart. I have the photos, the autographs, the gifts and the memories. I would love to see Knightmare make a return.

It was, without a doubt, the best television show ever created.