Paul Boland was the team captain of the first Irish team to successfully audition for Knightmare. However, due to circumstances beyond the team's control, they were unable to make it in time for filming. Paul and his team were later invited back as VIP guests in both 1993 and 1994.

Behind the Scenes

The team had auditioned successfully for Series 6 (1992). Sadly, due to a family illness they did not receive notification of this. To make up for the missed opportunity, they were invited as VIP guests to the filming of Knightmare in 1993 and 1994.

Paul signed the guestbook in 1999 [reproduced as Paul Boland Audition], and later provided a collection of photos from his visits to Norwich. It is another interesting look behind the scenes at the Knightmare studios.

Also included are a few other interesting bits that he has supplied us. A big thanks to Paul for making all of this available.


Part 1 - Description

Paul describes in detail how he got to visit the Knightmare studios, and what he encountered whilst there.

Part 2 - Summer 1993 - 10 Slides

From Waterford, Ireland, to Anglia Television Studios in Norwich. They arrive just in time for lunch, then a studio tour.

Part 3 - Summer 1994 - 4 Slides

Paul makes another visit, this time seeing some of the new characters and features.

Part 4 - Broadsword Christmas Card

Paul received a Christmas card from Broadsword Television, much to his surprise!


All photos in this section are © Paul Boland 1993/1994.

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